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6 Best E-commerce Books of 2020- Read These Book For Better e-commerce Company

by Ashim Prasai on April 15, 2020

Building an e-commerce store is relatively easy, but making money from it is hard. It takes commitment, dedication, and perseverance to create a successful site. Learning from people who have been through the process before can speed up the process infinitely.

 How do you find and connect with customers? How do you stay relevant and rise to the top of search results? How you define your mission and move forward as a business? These books will teach you these things and more. Read on to find the best e-commerce books to buy today.


In this groundbreaking book, Bill Price and David Jaffe offer a new, game-changing approach, showing how managers are taking the wrong path and are using the wrong metrics to measure customer service. Customer service, they assert, is only needed when a company does something wrong―eliminating the need for service is the best way to satisfy customers. To be successful, companies need to treat service as a data point of dysfunction and figure what they need to do to eliminate the demand. The Best Service Is No Service outlines these seven principles to deliver the best service that ultimately leads to "no service":

  • Eliminate dumb contacts
  • Create engaging self-service
  • Be proactive
  • Make it easy to contact your company
  • Own the actions across the company
  • Listen and act
  • Deliver great service experiences

Are you ready to start an e-commerce business today? Whether or not you’d like to, you’re probably not genuinely prepared to do so without some serious prep work. Thankfully, this book by Jeff Walker, a veteran of the e-commerce industry, provides an easy-to-follow road map that will help you get there in no time at all — even (and maybe especially) if you’re working out of a small basement with a bootstrap budget. By using examples big and small, Walker breaks down what makes or breaks a product launch and the tools you need to build a brand successfully. You’ll learn how to position your e-commerce business appropriately, carve out your niche, no matter what your budget is — and how to manage your time and budget effectively to have the most significant impact.

If you are looking for a textbook on running an e-commerce business, it’s hard to beat this one. Now in its 4th edition, this book covers the fundamentals of both the technical aspects and soft skills you will need to succeed. Written with both an international and domestic audience in mind, you will learn about how to manage a team, the importance of proper planning and other fundamental topics. Whether you are a student, an expert or considering launching a business, you will learn a lot from this.

You might think that online, you don’t need to have as much of a personal brand to sell a retail product as much as you might if you ran a physical store and needed to charm the locals. However, this assumption is wrong — and Gary Vaynerchuk is here to explain exactly why. In his characteristic style that is both practical and inspirational, he paints a vivid picture of the rise of the personal brand, including dissecting the rise and fall of every social media platform, recounting stories of some of the first entrepreneurs, as well as those who have followed his principles with great success. You’ll learn how to leverage your social media channels and gain the motivation to do whatever it takes to grow personally and professionally. 

This book isn’t just for e-commerce professionals, but it’s an invaluable tool for anyone who is launching a business and doesn’t know where to begin. Though it’s over 600 pages long, don’t be intimidated: many of those are charts and helpful infographics, as well as easy-to-follow checklists. Over 100,000 individuals have become entrepreneurs thanks to the detailed and useful outline inside of this book. The advice is so reliable that even the National Science Foundation and several Ivy League universities rely on its methods. Rather than focusing just on building your product, this book emphasizes building a strategy that is customer-centric, avoiding common pitfalls, incorporating business-building strategy, moving clients through a well-developed funnel and scaling your business to drive profits for the short and long term.

If you don’t have a clear message, your e-commerce store is bound to fail. Rather than focusing on things that just apply to businesses, this author focuses on the critical elements of building a compelling story in a way that helps you profoundly connect with your customers. You’ll learn how to avoid common conversational pitfalls and stay on-message no matter who you’re talking to, and learn how to build a competitive advantage with your words. But rather than just shouting a message, you’ll also learn how to genuinely connect with your customers in a way that also motivates them to become loyalists of your brand. You’ll never talk about your work, your life or yourself again after you read this book.