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Celebrate this Father's Day with these Gifts: Best Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023

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One of the biggest and most auspicious festivals for Nepalese is Father's Day, also known as "Buwa ko Mukh herne din" or "Kushe Aunsi", some may remember it as "Gokarna Aunshi". While international Father's Day is in 16th of June every year, Nepalese celebrate Father's Day on the 28th of Bhandra 2080 or the 14th of September this year. I will tell the reason behind this too in this article.

What is Nepali Father's day, also know as "Kushe Aunshi" or "buwa ko mukh herne din"?

 Father's Day, or "Kushe Aunshi" is the ritual where we, with due respect, honour and remember our father. On this day, every child tries to visit his or her father, take his blessings, and provide some gifts if possible. For people who are far away from their father, they take the help of technology and contact them through different channels like phone calls, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, etc. If someone's father has passed away, they honour them by conducting some rituals like "Seeda Dan" or "Pinda Dan" within their reach. Some people perform "Sharadda" with all the formalities with pujari or pandits. Some of the widely famous locations to visit and worship during Father's Day or "Buwa ko mukh herne din," are Gorkarna, located in Kathmandu, Bishnupakuda at Dharan, Betrawati at Rasuwa.

This festival is widely popular among Hindus, while others follow it all around the world. Father, also known as "Buwa" is taken as a life teacher, protector, and saviour, we worship him in this through different means. So, in simple terms we call it as "Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din".

When is Nepali Father's Day Celebrated?

While most of the world celebrates Father's Day on 16th of June of every year, Nepalese celebrates Father's Day or "Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din" or "Kushe Aunshi" on 28th of Bhadra 2080B.S or 14th of September 2023.

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Why Nepali father's day is different than the world's father day?

Nepali Father's Day is different from the world's Father's Day because Nepal and Nepalese most of the festival follows the lunar calendar so the Father's Day also known as "Kushe Aunshi" falls on different date than the international Father's Day.

Gift Ideas in this Father's day/ "Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din"

On this auspicious day, sons, daughter visit their parents if away or go meet them at home and spends time with father, make delicious food at home, take gifts for them with due respect to them. 

If you want to gift your father, then this can be some the best gift that you can gift to your father this Father's Day.

    1. Clothes/Apparels: Every year, cloths has been number one choice for sons/daughter for gifts to their father. Click here to see some of the best clothing for your father.
    2. Gadgets or electronics: Gadgets and electronics like smartphones, smartwatches, watches, earbuds, comes to the second best option for father. Smartphone tops the choice as this has lots of benefits like; they can be in touch with their children through the means of internet. Smartwatches, similarly helps them to get notifications and health tracking which make it more popular nowadays as smartwatches are affordable as compared to smartphones. Click here to see electronics gadgets as a gift to your father.
    3. Jewellery: Jewellery is also one of the best option if you have budget to buy gold and silver ornaments to your father. Ornaments like chains, bracelets, necklaces, finger rings are some of the popular segments on jewellery.
    4. Home Appliances: Home Appliances can be the best value for money if you want to gift something value-able and long term to your father in this father's day. Vacuum cleaners, water purifier, mixers, carpets, kitchen utensil, induction cooktop are some of the options in Home appliances category to gift your father this father's day.
    5. PowerBank: A practical and considerate Father's Day gift idea is a power bank. By giving your father a mobile source of power for his devices when he's on the go, it demonstrates attention for his requirements in the modern digital world. It's a practical and adaptable gift that can be tailored to fit his hobbies, ensuring that he keeps in touch and ready for emergencies while also serving as a long-lasting remembrance of your kind deed.A power bank may also be a crucial component of an emergency kit. It provides an additional layer of security and comfort of mind by ensuring that your father can remain connected in the event of power outages or other crises. Click here to buy some latest powerbanks.

Other Gift Ideas: Some people also chooses other products like fruits, sweets, shoes, massager, belts, purse, sunglasses, hard cash money as gift in this father's day. 


No matter what you want to gift to your father in this father's day. Gift something long lasting and which has great benefits like smartwatches, smartphones, massagers or home and kitchen utensils like electric cooktops, water purifier, heater, cooler. Make him feel special in this precious and auspicious day. Comment below if you have some gift ideas that we missed in this blog post.

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