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6 important things corona virus COVID-19 has taught consumers

by Ashesh Prasai on May 24, 2020

6 important things corona virus has taught consumers-brother-mart

We usually used to go to the shopping mall or the retail store to buy our necessary goods to the grocery items until the coronavirus hit the world. Many countries including Nepal has imposed the strictest lockdown and consumers like you and me are compelled to lock ourselves into the home so that we can contain the virus and come to our normal life.

How this coronavirus has changed consumers buying behavior? In this article we will discuss some of the points.

    1.New Rules for New reality

New rules for coronavirus-Brothermart

Before, most of the consumers were not concerned about their well being and health as much as they do now. They are adopting the new rules and new reality from taking care of themselves by washing their hands, wearing masks, social distancing to sanitizing their essential body parts. This helps us to prevent many viruses including COVID-19. 


           2.Shopping Online

    Online shopping-Brother-mart


    A few months back most of the consumers were hesitant to shop online but now things are completely different as most consumers like you are not willing to go outside for shopping and make them vulnerable to the virus. This seems pretty good decision to save yourself and your family members safe from the unwanted risk of being exposed to the virus. Getting deals and offers is a great way to save money while shopping online. Brother-mart has learned that it has increased sales by 15% as compared to the pre-pandemic time.

           3.Managing Finances

    finances while buyinf-brothermart

    This has changed the consumer thought process of how important is money and how they can save a lot when they buy essential goods. Now saving money is outmost things as the uncertainty of lockdown and earning is unknown. Saving every penny means getting a food for longer period of time these pandemic situations.

           4.Support and help


    This COVID-19 made consumers help the needy one through direct monetary help or helping through different non-monetary means like food, clothing, and shelter. many people from the lower middle class and lower class people who used to depend on their daily wage to support their family have faced an unprecedented situation. Consumers from different backgrounds have come forward with their generous hearts to help those people. Brother-mart has also supported these kinds of people through different programs like direct monetary help or providing essential health supplies from sanitizers to face masks.

          5.Looking for the right information

    As soon as Pandemic hit the world stage fake information started circulating like never before. The consumers were interested to learn more about the virus but they found it hard to filter which one is fake and which one is true. Brother-mart strongly recommends all our consumers to directly see the CDC and WHO website for the authenticity of any health-related information before believing it as many news portal have failed to provide genuine information in the ground level for short-term publicity and growing their engagement. Thus, the Brothermart team has learned that this will not be beneficial to retain long term customers like you.

         6. Stocking essential items

    Never wait for the worst day to hit your home. Many people don't stock essential things like sanitizer, masks, and other health-related items and not to forget kitchen and grocery items in their house which will result in out of stock of these kinds of essentials for the unforeseen period. We brother-mart team also doesn't want the consumer to hoard too many essential items creating the shortage of those items in the market. But make sure you have those items before it goes out of stocks. 

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