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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping- Brothermart

by Ashesh prasai on November 16, 2020

Many people nowadays with advancement of technology find online shopping most attractive ways for finding their needed product. But we should never forget that everything comes with it's own merit and demerits. 

In this article Brother-mart team will focus it's advantages and disadvantages part to make sure our valuable reader can get the insights of reality of this online shopping during this informational age.


  1. In this busy schedule where there are too may things to do in short period of time. Online shopping will definitely save you a lot of precious time, like, enjoying time with your family and loved ones. Focusing on something important than travelling shop to shop for just a small or invaluable product.
  2. You can buy anything at anytime with no time restriction and get the product within a fraction of time. As online shopping is growing and so the competition. To attract the customers business tend to provide maximum quality service like, delivery in couple of hours. This bring the advantage part of shopping online. If you need the product you can get as soon as you wish to have it.
  3. Price margin for customer is one of the important factor for online shoppers as you know most online business dont have overhead cost like inventory and staff. They operate in minimal profit margins with low operational cost which brings the cost of product very low and customers can have that product at low below than the market price and don't forget the competition factor too. Every online business wants to sell their product as soon as possible and create a brand value to their customers even though they don't make big profit in their product.
  4. You can have wide range of options for choosing products from the market as most online business time and time conduct different promotional events with deals and discounts which makes it more comfortable and easier to get the product is time and cost efficient way.
  5. You can manually modify the product as per you wish as most of the online business are manufacturers or deal with the manufacturers directly that gives a competitive edge to you to get the product as you wish, without making any adjustment in your interest.
  6. More you engage in online shopping and technology more you will be familiar with the information and technology era. Educated people are tend to be more aggressive on these things than old fashioned people. Adapting new technology and trend brings you the advantages of knowing what products are trending and what products are in market which helps to make you life easier.


  1. We think that the most complicated and heart breaking part of the online shopping is that customer cannot touch and feel the product instantly which brings longer process in online shopping like buying, shipping, experience and exchanging. But most online businesses are consumer friendly on their return and exchange policy. Read their return and exchange policy before making any purchase online.
  2. Because of the security concerns on the online and different cyber hacking taking place making an order through your debit/credit card can increase your risk of fraud and scams.                                       Brothermart ensures your information will not be shared with any other party for any purposes without your consent.
  3. Some items bought online can be damaged during shipping so make sure upon receipt that everything is up to the mark.                                               Brothermart has policy to replace and exchange if any such incident happens.
  4. Some online business attract customers with fake reviews to sell their product. So, consumers feel they have been scammed because of such fake reviews. We suggest to take a close look about the review posted in the product page.
  5. Sometimes online business ask consumers additional cost through taxes and delivery cost which is way to higher than the actual one. We recommend to verify with the respective authority about taxes and delivery cost while purchasing your product online.

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