BALTRA: Why people are buying this Induction Cooker?

BALTRA: Why people are buying this Induction Cooker?

Finally! Real Relief for the people using gas to cook food taking a longer duration of time. Saving Electricity means saving huge money and time to have fun with your family. :)

Meet the ultra features Baltra Feel (Infrared) 2000 Watt Induction Cooktop


Those were the days where people used to pay a huge amount for the induction cooker with longer cooking time which do not last for a longer period of time. Those days are gone forever. Brothermart Online shopping has been selling this Baltra FEEL induction like crazy. Within a day with a special offer, Brothermart has sold more than 1000 pieces a day. And the demand is still rising. You may have a great many questions about why people might be choosing this induction cooker, right? we will discuss what are the features and why people are so loving it.




This product comes with an ultra thermal efficiency coil that smartify your cooking experience with fast cooking and saving electricity. With its electrifying electro-magnetic technology, it produces heat directly to your cookware. It can cook twice as fast as other cooktops.

How this product solve your daily problem?

✅ Fully Digital: It saves you time because of inbuilt 7 point digital menus. This Baltra comes with the digital keypad within the system which makes it easier and long-lasting in this digital world. 

✅ Design and Engineering: Modern lightweight compact and sleek design help you to take this Baltra Induction Cooktop anywhere anytime. Just plug it in and start cooking with no any hassle.

✅ Use any utensils: This can be used on most of the cookware so you don't have to buy any other extra other utensils just for this. So pick any utensils from your kitchen and start cooking immediately.

✅ Safety Features: Embedded with 4 digits of digital display and overheat protection. You don't have to worry about burning your body or your food. This technology is latest and has reduced many accidents all over the world. 

✅ Worry-free: Comes with complete 12 months warranty so all your invested money to cook the delicious food won't go in vain. This will be the best investment that you will be doing for your kitchen.


Some Questions from the past customers

Many people like you have bought this product and many query was there so we are trying to solve those questions here

Q. Does this product need any technical installation?

A. No, it works directly out of the box and is really simple to use. 


Q. Can it be used in Non-Aluminium utensils?

A. Yes, definitely. Suitable for steel and mild steel or iron product. Not for aluminum utensils.


Q. Where is the service center if any problem arises?

A. You have two options. Show your warranty card to any Baltra customer service within the country or outside the country or call or contact us for more information and guidance to solve your problem. Happy to help.


Q. Which Technology is used in this cooktop?

A. This the latest electromagnetic technology where the copper wire is placed beneath the top cookware and saving electricity bills.


Q. Does this product come with utensils?

A. Sorry to say but No. it is only the cooktop. If you want to buy utensils we can ship you with extra cost.


We value our customer feedback and support them as a customer for any questions and doubt. We have been serving in the market since 2015 and continue to provide top-notch service forever. 

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