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Bhai Tika Gift Ideas

by Ashesh prasai on November 13, 2020

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Happy Bhai Tika 2077 : Bhai Tika is an festive occasion to celebrate the brotherly-sisterly relationship in the Tihar. Bhai Tika is celebrated by all the regions, race and location of the Nepal. It falls on the last day of Tihar festival and is succeeded by the Tihar festival celebration. Tihar lasts with  the day when sisters (दिदि/बहिनि ) engage in ceremonies of showing their love by putting a saptarngi (सप्तरंगी/seven colored) Tika on the forehead of their brothers (दाजु/भाई ) and perform an aarti or mantra of him and shower him with blessings and prayers.

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In this blog Brother-mart team has some great ideas for gifts and coupon code to save you a huge money on this auspicious day. (use coupon code WINTERSALE2020 and get UPTO 80% OFF)

  1. High Quality and Stylish Clothes for Him/Her: A formal or a casual shirt can be a good gift for your brother (But this can be old fashioned) as it stays with him for long time and whenever your brother wears that your gifted shirt, he will remember you, sister’s love. But make sure you buy good quality product to stay that gift with him/her for long time. Some of the options are below.

As we know winter is near so some of the best quality winter wear can be the best choice.




      2. Trendy Shoes: As it is said "The first impression is the last impression", shoes brings the people's attention and make them feel comfortable and confidence if it is stylish and durable. Shoes for him/ her brings a good memory and will always be with him/her whenever they go outside wearing them. 



      3. Trendy Bag Packs: 

A Trendy Stylish Bag Pack can be a good gift for your brother who goes to office or university or college or school as a symbol of your pure love and relationship and would be really useful for him. Whenever your brother put that your gifted trendy bag, he will remember you, sister’s love.


      4. Wrist Watch:

A classy wrist watch or digital watch or fit bit is another one of the best gift for your brother in this bhai Tika day of Tihar festival. By knowing your brother taste, color and preference can be an ideal gift for brother to make him surprised in Bhai Tika 2077. Whenever brother (Daju Bhai) put that watch, he will remember you.


      5. Electronics and Wireless Headphones: As we know, days are getting more advance and more people have electronics gadgets and they want to update or get the new one. This can be an opportunity  for you to get the new gadget for your loved ones, that is, brothers or sisters. You can find some of the great deal in this section too. They them happy with this gadgets.


      6. Kitchen Appliances: This make makes life easier and better. We suggest you to give something that stays in the home and help them to make them life hassle free like simple vacuum cleaner, electric cook-stop, water heater or Electric kettle. We have some list below please check one too.


       7. Other Trending Item: See below for the some of the trending list that can make you Tihar and Bhai Tika amazing. Please let us know if we missed something. We will try to update as soon as we get more suggestions.

And Please don't forget to use coupon code "WINTERSALE2020" at checkout to get UPTO 80% OFF.



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