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Future of Onlineshopping after COVID-19 In Nepal

by Ashesh prasai on June 18, 2020

The COVID-19 Lockdown More than 80 Days brings new generation of Online Shopping and many retailers are having to adjust their focus to take advantage of Digital sales through all over the World .

"Many consumers who have never shopped online before have been forced to shop with many platform during this lockdown says "Ashesh Prasai Managing director of  Brothermart Pvt Limited.

"This is creating a new wave for all the digital platform as well as for customer,  who will continue shopping online even after the situation ends,"he says 

This is one of the factors that is set to change the future of onlineshopping for consumers and different businesses

"Businesses are being forced to rapidly increase their online fulfillment and respond to the digital demand that has arisen after the pandamic of COVID-19

The retail expert believes that as businesses improve their technology,the growth automatically driven and employee working from  home also get motivated.

"China the good example for online distribution and logistic, where maximum order are fulfilled from online after the pandamic COVID-19

"Retailes have already been called to action with the threat of overseas company, where different company of Nepal recently raised fund from different source,"Prasai says.

"Lockdown and threat of COVID-19 is going to make local business think about themselves in a wider context.

A report by different tech bloggers has also highlighted the opportunity for retailers to use this as a catalyst to grow their e-commerce.

"This is also a new wave of e-commerce growth for the grocery sector presents an opportunity for retailers that have been waiting from many years.The penetration to be high enough to justify the cost of investment in system,additional vehicles and other logistical upgrades,"the report said.

"There may be decline of mass consumerism,it is also believes that the lockdown will have a long-term impact on shopping habits.

"People will be thinking about the environmental footprint this event has had and they will want to buy things that are better quality that last longer.

Consumer habits have already seen and will shift with families baking more at home,which has dramatically increased the demand for flour and baking product.

"People also won't be traveling either,so the money they have from not spending will be used for entertaining at home and enriching their living environment.

"All those habits will be sustained for a long period of time where people want better quality food to cook at home instead of going out,Prasai said .



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