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How to earn cash bonus through Brother-mart Online Shopping

by Ashesh prasai on December 26, 2020

Online Shopping is rapidly emerging sector like developing country like Nepal. Hundreds and thousands of customers are looking deals and offers for their dreamt and loved products through Google, Facebook Marketplace, YouTube reviews and many more. Our team at Brother-mart has experienced that the Online shopping is not giving what the customers wants, like, on-time delivery, quality products, discount price on products and many more. 

To solve this emerging problems Brother-mart is playing a huge part in helping genuine consumers to meet their expectations.

Brother-mart Cash Bonus Scheme

Through our new scheme of "Direct Cash Bonus" our loyal and genuine customers can get cash from Rs 100 to Rs 500 through payment gateway like e-sewa, Khalti, check payment, coupon voucher and many more.

We are continuously bringing different offers like "Winter Sale, Discount Coupons, Free Delivery Offer, Cash Bonuses" to name a few to thousands of our loyal customers in daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

First thing to notice is that, the price of the product in Brother-mart is always have been way too less as compared to other offline and other online marketplace. Additionally, we are providing discounts and offer to facilitate consumers the best shopping experience. We want to grow more with more customers helping and serving for many years to come.

We Brother-mart Teams believes that this new Scheme of "Direct Cash Bonus" will definitely going to help thousands of people like you in this pandemic caused by covid-19. As we know, most of you are facing economic crisis due to job loss, not able to find jobs and many more.

There are some of the requirements and guidelines to be followed to participate in this "Direct Cash Bonus" scheme offered by Brother-mart Online Shopping which is listed  below:

  1. You should have purchased or will purchase product from Brother-mart Online Shopping in near future.
  2. Have to signed up and created account on Brother-mart.com
  3. Have to sent video minimum 30 seconds of product review and experience with Brother-mart Online Shopping. Recording with the product is highly required.
  4. Product specifications, purpose, how it solved your problem and how Brother-mart Online shopping made it possible should be included in the video.
  5. You must give consent to use your created video by Brother-mart Online Shopping.
  6. Mention two friends in the comment sections of the video posted with this cash bonus.
  7. Like our Facebook Page, Follow our Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

After you complete the above point we will provide the cash balance from Rs100 to Rs 500. The minimum amount that will be given is Rs100 and as the amount you spent with Brother-mart the amount goes increasing and will not exceed Rs 500. 

If you have any further questions about this cash bonus or any other unrelated things about our services and product please do contact us through email at info@brother-mart.com or +977-9841234368. 

This offer is valid only in Nepal as of now and all the past customers can also enroll in this scheme.





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