How to earn money partnering with Brother-mart?

How to earn money partnering with Brother-mart?

Make money with Brothermart

When it comes to online earning people find it is ridiculous and most probable a scam. Right? No, now you can make passive income partnering with brother-mart online shopping. One of the emerging e-commerce business in Nepal. If you haven't heard about this program then definitely you have check this out. Go to the link signup and start making passive income on regular interval. You don't have to own a single product You don't have to invest a huge amount, you don’t have to Invest much of time and you can have the potential to leverage your income as much as you want.

Those were the days when people use to say earning money online while staying home is impossible. The term "Internet" has been so powerful tool and evolving every day which has completely changed people's perception of becoming an entrepreneur or becoming a digital entrepreneur. In this article, we help each of you passionate individual or an entrepreneur to make side income for your financial freedom.

If you think you can be a Digital Entrepreneur than join us and be a partner here

Brother-mart Online Shopping new program has launched recently where each one of you can make money without making any initial investment or buying even a single product. We will be showing in the video below too if you don't want to read the full article. Watch the step-by-step process for enrolling in this program.

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to the tab (Partners | Earn Money) section shown in the picture below

brothermart-Partners|earn money








Step 2: After you click that section you will be directed to our other page as shown in the image below

Brothermart-Earn money

Here you will find the fruitful information about this program, it's advantages and how you can be benefitted from this program. Reach out if you have any questions regarding the program or if you find difficulty in enrolling in them.


Step 3. Click the Join Now button and start your next entrepreneurial journey with Brother-mart Online Shopping. You can see similar page as shown in below. You can also signup using your Google or Facebook Account.

sign-up form brothermart


Step 4. After you sign up you will see a similar page as shown in picture below with all your personal information and your referral link through which your referral will be counted in our system and help you to keep pace with your earnings. If you have extra discount coupons then you can see here as well.

after signup-brothermart

Step 5. Now you are almost set to start your passive earning where thousands of people need help finding products online. You will use your social platform to share your unique link to your friends and community helping them and passively earning from your referral link. Currently, we have NRS 500 per product per referral but this will increase as it's demand rises and more people like you understands it's importance in today's digital space.

If you believe in yourself and if you think you can be a Digital Entrepreneur than join us and be a partner here

Watch our video and do subscribe to understand better.


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