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People's in Nepal are getting comfortable in Online Shopping-Brothermart

by Ashesh prasai on June 14, 2020

Online Shopping Nepal-Brothermart

People used to usually choose brick and mortar shops over online shopping in Nepal but the pandemic Covid-19 has totally changed the course of online shopping in Nepal.

Nepal as a developing country in between economic powerhouse countries like China and India is gradually getting momentum over online shopping as an online store like Brother-mart is bringing news changes in their online shopping business model and luring customers through different deals and offers.

As Nepal's literacy rate as of census 2020 is 67.9% most of the youth are tilted to experience the online shopping service with online shopping market growth rate of around 300 percent annually. Today's total market of online business in Nepal is around $25 million dollars and it is predicted to rise as the access of the internet to the common people is getting easier and the sales of a smartphone are at its peak with an increase of more than 40 percent. Samsung as the leader in the market with 46% followed by its competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Apple.

What Brother-mart Online Shopping has found in the recent days of lockdown because of COVID-19 is that the number of customers and sales of the company has drastically increased by 25%. That means the customers who used to feel comfortable to go to the brick and mortar shop are now shifting to the online shopping experience. Brother-mart on the other side is also giving a marvelous bonus and perks for the new and retaining customers like a 10% discount on the order above NRS 5000, free sanitizer and hand wash, and many more. This kind of online shopping is rarely found in Nepal, particularly in the time of shortage like this. 

What Brother-mart online shopping has learned during this course of time of online selling is that Nepalese customers are mainly focused on mainly there things. 

1) Product Variety

2) Competitive Prices and 

3) Time for Delivery

We Brother-mart team has grown pretty much from the establishment to understand the solve the problem gradually as the market widens. As Brother-mart Online shopping ships their products to the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries founder says some of the drawbacks in doing business in Nepal's market is the online payment gateway. People like our services and product but when it comes to the payment many platforms don't support the online payment gateway which has delayed the payment for the product, updating the inventory and in large scale has affected the supply chain management of the company. The company is optimistic that in the coming days private and government sector collaborate come together to solve this problem facing by the online companies in Nepal.

This article is written by one of the staff of the Brother-mart Online Shopping and if you have any question comment or concerns please to forward your concerns to brothermart123@gmail.com or you can contact here filling this form out here

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