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Why do People Buy Product Online ?

by Ashesh prasai on June 25, 2020


E-commerce Sales Worldwide Is Over $900 Billion in 2019, that mean people Loved to shopping Online .

Even the rate is increasing day by day, People  simply don't buy product from any online Store. Product with Very big price tag are difficult to sale online.People can't Feel,touch,smell the product before buying it, are also the challenges for the satisfaction of Customer.

But eCommerce has become a way of life now days even in south Asian country it is increasing day by day and Website owners that satisfy the requirement of the online shoppers are Fattening their Wallets.

Let's took a look of those requirement and how can make them present in your website.

Comparison Shopping 

One of the reason that people perform onlineshopping is that they can easily review and Compae dozens of store and product at same time.

Rather than travelling to store to store and wasting time,Online shoppers simply navigate from one page to the next comparing the stores and the wares of the stores.

People search for reviews of your products.They Compare Price,quality and customer service. All can be performed through online.

Wider Selection

All Most all the customer get very wide range of product and price. Different stores and product are kept,people get wide selection.

Many Category are kept for the benefit of the customer, which is very impossible in offline business.

Better Prices 

It may not be who you are looking for but they are out there.Bargain hunters.

In fact, many shoppers use hybrid shopping system where they visit a Physical store to determine exactly what they want and then search online for better pricing.This is Particularly true in categories,such as clothing,where the buyer want to touch,Feel and try on the product.

They Visit a physical store,find the exact product they want and head to the web to find the best price.


It's difficult to overstate the importance of social proof online.Online shoppers report that reading reviews is among the most important reasons they shop online.

In other words,if you want people to buy your product then you have to show that others have bought and extremely happy with your service and product.

Time Saving 

The only resource that people have now is time.As a result,"Saving time" is often important to people rather than "finding the lowest price" as a reason for shopping online.

People that are shopping online are knowingly trading immediate gratification for time saving and the other benefits of online shopping.



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