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Amazfit GTS 3 and GTR 3 Combo, Exclusive Price with warranty | Hear Rate , Oxygen Monitoring

Amazfit GTS 3 and GTR 3 Combo, Exclusive Price with warranty | Hear Rate , Oxygen Monitoring

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Amazfit GTS 3 and GTR 3 Combo, Exclusive Price with warranty | Discount Hear Rate , Oxygen Monitoring

Amazfit GTS 3 is the best fitness watch in the world with support for 150 sports, heart rate sensor and 12-day battery. The large 1.75 inch AMOLED display makes it easy to get the information you need on the run in an instant. 

Amazfit GTS 3 VS GTS 2 Technical Specification  

The design for these two devices in the GTS range is similar. They have a squarish Look that reminds slightly of the Apple Watch. They are all made of aluminum alloy, and polymer material and there's a silicone strap to go along with everything 

Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch


As far as display, all of these watches pack an AMOLED. The Screen is well protected against scratches and drops. The Latest version uses Tempered Glass, GTS 2 a diamond-Like carbon coating, and the original Gorilla Glass 3. All of these should suffice and you will not be able to tell the difference 

Amazfit GTS 3

Main Functions 

The internal Specifications are not that different between this two. GTS comes with a Bio Tracker PPG, 6-AXIS Accelerometer, 3-Axis Geomagnetic Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor, and Ambient Light brightness sensor. The Latest generation adopts the BIO Tracker PPG3 engine.

Amazfit GTS 3

The problem, Promise, and Proof (This Proof is collected from our Customer Feedback )

Problem1: Do you have trouble regarding the correct time anywhere?

Promise1: Buy Amazfit GTS3 GPS Smart Watch from GEARBEST at a lower price.

Proof1: [Customer Proof 'As soon as I put it on my wrist, I feel time just like a powerful man who can wear his watch like a crown on his head.

Problem2: Are you looking for the perfect smartwatch that can monitor your heart rate and activities?

Promise2: Our smart watch is durable and offers a smooth design, so you can wear it with confidence knowing that your gym outfit matches.

Proof2: [Customer Proof 'great, easy to use, connects up to all 3 of my mobile, battery life is awesome].

Problem3: Do you need a high-performance smartwatch that is designed for the most demanding sports and fitness-loving users?

Promise3: You will enjoy long battery life, built-in GPS, versatile heart rate tracking capabilities, durable design, and a top-notch user interface.

Proof3: [Customer Proof 'Of course, it's also sweat proof']

Value Proposition 

 Fit, Track, and Improve Performance – Stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals with the AmazFit GTS 3 smartwatch. It tracks your exercises, heart rate, and sleep pattern while offering you accurate GPS sports tracking and real-time voice coaching. The body biometrics feature monitors key health indicators like blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. The watch is built around strong and durable materials and also offers 12-hour battery life.

Pain, Agitate and Solution (All given data are collected from customer experience and might be differ from customer to customer )

Pain1: How about a smartwatch with fitness tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and heart rate tracking to monitor your health, connect smartphone notifications, and over 150 sports modes?

Agitate1: That’s Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch. It’s IP68 waterproof and can withstand harsh, outdoor environments as well as all kinds of daily activities, including running, climbing and hiking, yoga, and even weightlifting.

Solution1: The Amazfit GTS 3 is a high-quality smartwatch designed for sports lovers. Other outstanding features include continuous heart rate monitoring, ECG measurement, and underwater HRM (Iris Sports) for swimmers.

Pain2: Looking for the perfect smart watch for an affordable price?

Agitate2: There are hundreds to choose from but which one is the best activity watch for you? Smartphone app, GPS with Google Maps, or extra reliable heart rate monitoring? The choice can be overwhelming.


Here's a detailed Look at the Specifies 

Major Fetaures for GTS 3

Amazfit GTS 3 easily finds what you're looking for among the smart watch's applications thanks to the intuitive Zepp OS, with most animations reaching 60 FPS, along with a specifically tailored UI, the Zepp OS makes navigating to the features you need a seamless interaction that consumes less power, experience a mini-app framework with a rich ecosystem including 10+ mini-apps and even the home connect third party app




Amazfit GTS 3

Experience Optimized Operations with Zepp Os


  • You can find Easily what you're looking for among the Amazfit GTS 3 Smart watch's applications thanks to the intuitive Zepp OS with upgrades and most animations reaching 60 FPS along with a specifically tailored UI, the Zepp OS makes navigating to the features you need a seamless interaction that consumes less Power 
  • Experience a Mini app framework with a rich ecosystem including 10+ mini apps and even the Home Connect third-party app 
GTS 3 GTR 3Pro GTR 2 GTS 2 GTR 2e GTS 2e
1.75 1.45 1.39 1.65 1.39 1.65 Screen Size (inch)
390*450 480*480 454*454 348*442 454*454 348*442 Screen Resolution
12 Days 12 Days 14 Days 10 Days 24 Days 14 Days Battery Life
150+ 150+ 90 90 90+ 90+ Sports Mode
NO 2.3GB 3GB 3GB NO NO Storage
NO YES YES YES NO NO Bluetooth Calling

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