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GS8 Ultra Series 8

GS8 Ultra Series 8

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GS8 Ultra Series 8 Men's Smart Watch Always-On Temperature Measure Woman NFC 


  • GS8 ultra smartwatch
  • split screen display
  • Screen out of time sets 3d dynamic dial
  • Language key scan code connection bracelet
  • Customize component password to lock screen
  • Voice call social business cards
  • Alipay pays amount

GS8 Ultra Series 8 Men's Smart Watch

More Detail 

  • Voice assistant for offline payment collection
  • Health positioning short video control
  • Take your body temperature
  • Exercise mode altitude pressure breathing training
  • Heart rate sleep monitoring
  • blood pressure alert
  • Blood oxygen alert message
  • sitting reminder calculator
  • Alarm alerts to customize picker
  • weekly health stopwatch
  • Look for the bracelet and lift the wrist screen
  • The dial changes the time
GS8 Ultra Series 8 Men's Smart Watch


Gs8 is the pinnacle of toughness, the pinnacle of strength. The sturdy metal case can handle a variety of sporting challenges. Of course, this requires unique skills. As a result, off-road is even more exciting, with a range of sports modes at full capacity. You can face all kinds of challenges, stir up your enthusiasm and burn calories at any time.

To create this super sports watch, we carefully polished each design and repeatedly studied every detail, aiming to bring you a performance that pushes the boundaries. The metal strikes a good balance of weight and strength, making it more resistant to corrosion. The case's new design has raised edges to protect the flat glass from impact. There's also a larger digital crown and prominent side pushers that make it easier to use, even when wearing gloves.

The biggest and brightest display on the gs8 ultra. The impressive all-time display has a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, double that of any other watch, and remains visible in direct sunlight. There are also more screen properties to present a series of health indicators and rich dial details.

GS8 Ultra Series 8 Men's Smart Watch

Why you should Buy this Smartwatch?

  • One-touch action buttons. New physical action buttons,-press to quickly control multiple functions. With customization, various applications can be opened quickly and easily with just one press of SOS. This button is full of unlimited potential.
  • Buckle design, the case fits perfectly, the buckle can firmly lock the strap, will not fall off, and the range of motion is difficult but also ensures freedom of movement.
  • Easy to swipe through with a lift of the wrist, the access card is simulated with one touch, and the freedom to slide the card with a lift of the wrist is convenient and fast. (Note: NFC access card simulation currently only supports unencrypted and 13.56mhz access cards in the market). 
  • Gs8 ultra comes with a variety of built-in dials. There are also dozens of carefully designed themed hand surfaces to choose from. You can use these hand surfaces according to your personal preference. Just download them in the app.
GS8 Ultra Series 8 Men's Smart Watch Always-On Temperature Measure Woman

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