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Haylou with oximeter
Haylou smart watch
Haylou LS05
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Haylou LS05 Original Solar Smart Watch get Free Oximeter Heart Rate Sleep Monitor IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Men Women for iOS Android

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Haylou LS05  Solar Smart Watch LS05 Heart Rate Sleep Monitor IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Men Women for iOS Android


Here's the quick version of what the Haylou Solar is - the Xiaomi Mi Band functionality with even better battery life, traditional watch styling and a big round display for around 5k to 6k  Sounds intriguing?

Read on then to see how well it all works.

Haylou Solar (Haylou LS05) specs

  • Body: 45.3 x 11.4, 54g, 22mm. standard strap; IP68; Metal frame, metal button, plastic back
  • Display: 1.28" LCD, 240 x 240 pixels (no AOD watchface)
  • OS: Proprietary; Support for Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above
  • Battery: 340mAh (30 days typical use, around 15 days with heart rate monitoring)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE
  • Misc: Ultra-low dynamic optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer

Design, materials and comfort

The Haylou Solar is hardly the best looking smartwatch, but as we established it's more of a rival to the smartbands and among those the classic "watch" aesthetic are still the minority. At its price point the Haylou Solar's metal body and overall feel really stand out. The metal case also adds a certain heft to the device that some might appreciate.

The decision to make the front glass flush with the metal bezel causes some anxiety. The official Haylou specs page does not mention any specific protective layer for the glass, which means scratches are likely to take away from its looks down the road.

The 1.28-inch LCD on the Haylou Solar looks perfectly fine indoors. Colors are vibrant and both text and UI elements are sharp, thanks to its 240 x 240-pixel resolution. Outdoor use sees it struggle to push the brightness high enough and you might have trouble reading it if you are sitting in the sun.

There are four brightness levels that you have to toggle manually as there is no luminance sensor for auto brightness. You either have to learn to live with a dimmer outdoor experience, unpleasantly bright UI during the night or develop the habit to adjust the brightness, as needed.

Haylou Solar also punches above its category in terms of comfort. A slim profile makes for a snug fit against the wrist, limiting the risk of accidental bumps and snags. The Solar's plastic back side is relatively flat and remains comfortable even with a tighter strap position.


Both approaches have their advantages because full on operating systems may be more versatily but is also more expensive to maintain and way more taxing on the battery. So if you manage to find a smart wearable that meets all of your needs you can get a far better deal.

A centerpiece in the Haylou Solar's feature arsenal is tracking. The PPG sensor on its back can handle pulse, both on demand and regularly throughout the day, depending on your preference. In our tests, we found it to be about as accurate and reliable as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Amazfit GTR and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Step counting is also about as reliable as one can expect from your average wearable. Cross-referencing its counter with an Amazfit GTR and the Samsung Health counter on a recent Samsung flagship phone typically gives variances of a couple of hundred steps or less.

The Product is Original and it is the Global Version, and have different original features you can take support via google/YouTube  for more detail in the connectivity issue.

The distance and calorie numbers, provided alongside heart rate and step count are clearly calculated rather than measured as is the norm with simpler activity trackers. We appreciate the Apple-inspired visualization of these statistics with colored progress rings.

Armed with just a basic array of sensors and in the absence of GPS, the Haylou Solar can only do so much on its own, when it comes to actual Sports tracking. The watch does let you manually trigger one of 12 sports modes listed below.

The tracking itself includes duration, calories and a live heartrate monitor. There is no advanced logic here, like repetition or lap count. Probably a good thing too, since any such data would have to be estimated on the Haylou Solar and would be so inaccurate it will be virtually useless.

So starting a particular kind of workout, serves as a tagging mechanism for later data review. You can, actually track a few types of more sophisticated sport tracking with the Haylou companion app on the phone, using its GPS, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Notification forwarding is the other big feature for most smart wearables. Generally speaking, it's currently in a bit of a "Wild west" state, since Android lacks a standardized way of hooking and accessing notifications. Every manufacturer handles this differently on a software level and the resulting experience can be vastly different.

Starting with the companion app, the settings menu is straightforward and easy to understand. It includes shortcuts to enable accessibility and notification permissions. Below that - a list of common apps, which suggests that the Haylou app has some custom handling code in place for some popular apps. You can also manually add any other app.

In practical terms, notification experience on the Haylou Solar is above average, but still a bit inconsistent. Notifications come through reliably and quickly. Most common symbols are supported, including most emojis and Cyrillic text. Beyond that, the quality of the experience really varies from app to app. The name of the app almost always comes through. Its icon sometimes get lost and certain apps, like Viber simply have "null" as their notification body. These are just some idiosyncrasies from the particular way Haylou is capturing and passing on notifications.



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