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HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Smartwatch 46mm Free-diving Mode, Durable Battery Life

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Smartwatch 46mm Free-diving Mode, Durable Battery Life

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HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Smartwatch, 46mm, Free-diving Mode, Durable Battery Life, Wireless Fast Charging, Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Bluetooth calls, Light Titanium Caes, Gray


  • Product Dimensions : 1.05 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm; 42.6 Grams 
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required( Included) 
  • Item model number: GTR3 Pro 46mm
  • Connectivity technologies: USB 
  • Special features: Sleep Monitor, Personal AI Running Coach, Heart Rate Monitor 
  • Other display features: Wireless 
  • Device interface Primary: Touchscreen 
  • Colour: Grey Leather Strap
  • Battery Power Rating: 455
  • What's in the box:‎Watch x 1 Charging Cradle (including the charging cable) x 1 Quick Start Guide & Safety Information & Warranty Card x 1 
  • Weight: 42.6 g

Huawei watches GT3 Pro has exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetics, taking health and fitness right up to the cutting edge and even down to uncharted waters.


Crown Your Style

  • Arm Yourself with Charm, The watch's Seamless titanium body is where sporty meets business casual, speaking to your sense of style.
  • Seamless titanium body, with precision-cut edges and corners that work all the angles.
  • Sapphire watch dial*, durable and scratch-proof in daily life, and off the beaten path.

*Material is artificial sapphire glass.



Robust Performance in the Dark/Daylight

  • Colorful fluorescent watch faces always shine through, even at the night, keeping you plugged into your life at just a glance. Just raise your wrist, to get all of your most essential info, with the vibrant Always On Display (AOD) watch face.
  • Customize your watch face from Gallery or choose from a myriad of watch faces available for download, then mix and match to find the style and layout that brings your breathtaking AMOLED screen to life!

Explore New Wonders Underwater

  • HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro comes with IP68 and 5 ATM ratings for water resistance and has withstood a staggering 200 water pressure cycles, so that it supports free dives as deep as 30 meters, making it the perfect companion for all of your undersea adventures.


Dive into Safer Waters

  • The watch displays diving data in real time, including the speed, depth, and duration of dives.
  • It features airtight safety reminder settings, like automatic reminders if you descend too deep or for too long.

100+ Workout Modes

  • With over 100 workouts to choose from — running, cycling, mountain climbing, indoor swimming, skiing, and beyond — you can hit the open road, or blaze a new trail, with just a tap on the screen!
  • Data-driven running metrics including running ability index, training pressure, and training load, and tips help you maximize performance without overtaxing your body, and sharable running routes put your prowess on full display!

Become a King of Swing

  • The watch records professional swing data such as the swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time, and downswing time, and provides a Driving range mode that follows your swing down to the last detail, with handy demos and tips to take your golf game to new heights!

A Health Manager That Cares For Your Body and Mind

  • HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro has brought heart health management to a new level and supports a whole host of smart features, including medical-grade ECG analysis*, arterial stiffness detection, heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress monitoring, so that you can stay proactive and informed about your health.

The product is not a medical device. Message content is for reference only, and should not be used for clinical diagnosis. Not applicable to users under age 18, or those diagnosed with other types of arrhythmia. Please read the instructions thoroughly.


ECG Analysis that Doesn't Miss a Beat

  • The ECG app packs a high-performance ECG sensor module that provides single-lead ECG measurements, real-time analysis, and sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation, and premature atrial and ventricular beat reminders*, to stay informed and proactive about major heart health-related risks.
  • New and improved electrode technology has made ECG signal collection more accurate and responsive. Just touch the electrode on the side for 30 seconds, and real-time results can be shown on your watch after the measurement.

Smart Heart Rate Monitoring, with Real-Time Alerts

  • True Seen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology deploys eight photoelectric sensors in a ring formation, to capture enhanced signals. An all-new algorithm filters out interference, for meticulously heart rate monitoring.
  • You can even monitor your heart rate on a 24/7 basis, with real-time alerts whenever your heart rate strays from its normal range

Arterial stiffness detection

  • The watch packs high-performance ECG and PPG sensors, for pro-level arterial stiffness detection* to help you screen for arteriosclerosis, as well as helpful tips on how to bolster your cardiovascular health.

 The product is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



 Package Include 

  • 1 X Smartwatch 
  • 1 x Manual 
  • 1 X Wireless charger 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Max features..Max battery back up..Good gadget.

Ashika Basnet

Brilliant watch, great quality and accurate. Premium design

Menuka Dixit

An elegant time piece and a constant head turner. Go for it if you are looking for some premium premium quality finish and jaw dropping looks.

I was confused between this and the galaxy watch 3.

Finally went for this due to its more premium finish and excellent battery life.

kritika singh
Nice design

Satisfied with the product

Bhawana bhandari
Worth it

Battery is long lasting...numerous watch faces...accurate...worth every penny..esp at the deal I got....

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