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Sarees for women, Japan satin crepe sarees for women

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Satin Crepe Saree Coated with Leaves Like Structure at Affordable Price!!!


Japanese Satin Crepe Saree is a highly branded Saree That most of the people buy these days.

This Black and White Colored New Arrival Saree is made from fine Soft Satin Japanese Crepe Bright digital Printed Pure Satin finished in an attractive color combination. It features Digital Prints and this saree keeps you comfortable throughout the day and gets others attention (i.e. Eye Catching).

Why Should you buy this product?

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy access to Walk
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortably fit’s
  • Durable
  • Do not Bleed colors on washing
  • Do not fade colors.

 Why pay more when you can buy the Same Product at Comparatively Low Price!!!

I remember a year back I'm willing to buy a saree that doesn’t shrink and searching for a qualitative product related to saree. One of my friends suggests that Japanese Stain Crepe Saree is one of the best among others but I don’t believe her and she told me Once to buy and check the product whether I'm gossiping you or what I'm telling you is true. You Can decide yourself and thank me later.

So Thinking! Buying one saree doesn't make me poor and risking certain Money I brought the Japanese Stain Crepe saree form Brother-mart and I found it very reliable and quick service is provided by the website as soon as possible. You Can trust this website and is 100% Safe in the country like ours.

 Product Specification:






Printed with Leaves like structure


Formal Wear




Japan satin

Saree Length

6.3 meter with a blouse

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit

Problems that are Faced by Our Customers and The Recommended Solutions from Brother-mart

1. Cost

The cost of stylish and designer sarees starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000. Besides the cost of the saree, you have to bear petticoat, blouse, fall, tailor, jewelry, and dry clean expenses. Also, you can’t wear the same saree on every occasion. Except being expensive most of today's generation are being fashionable so some of them who wear saree almost every day find it’s much cheap whereas some who wear this stuff on a special occasion find it too expensive.

 2. Lack of time

Draping a saree is difficult, time-consuming and requires a lot of practice. The girls in urban Areas are studying or working at offices so they don’t have sufficient time to drape a saree due to lack of practices for wearing saree. After wearing a saree for 3-4 times it becomes a habit and the habit of wearing saree makes you more comfortable.

 3. Inconvenience

It’s hard to drive a two-wheeler or board crowded public transport while managing pallu and pleats of the saree. There are even restrictions on the activities you do. You can’t dance, run, walk fast, hang out with friends, and go to the pub/gym. Moreover, you can’t go for a pillion ride on a bike in saree. Actually, Noone goes to Pub/gym wearing saree though but it is true that wearing a saree makes you quite difficult to ride two-wheelers rather than wearing jeans or trousers like something!

 4. Feel naked

Even after dragging the pallu, many girls feel uncomfortable having their tummy, cleavage, and back exposed. The girls who grew in a very strict family feels too shy to wear saree coz it's quite open at the back and tummy is exposed. While some of the family have a Narrow concept wearing saree due to lack of knowledge at some point they may be true because in Our Society Men looked Women in a way that No one Can really Imagine.

 5. Difficult To Walk

When girls wear a saree for the first time, they find it difficult to walk. They may trip on their sari pleats and fall down on the floor. Salwar-kameez, jeans or trousers are very comfortable than a saree. So if you are wearing a saree for the first time walk slowly.

 6. Chance of wardrobe malfunction

Although the saree is pinned up with lots of safety pins, the girls are always scared that they might step on saree and pull apart those pleats in the front of others. So used appropriate pins so that pleats are in their place and make you comfortable in every situation.

 7. Uncomfortable

Girls feel uncomfortable to check frequently whether the pallu is in its place, pleats are correct or not, bra strap is showing, etc. when wearing a saree. So take a time to make yourself comfortable before you wear a saree and wear each stuff perfectly.

 8. Jewelry

You need the perfect type of jewelry with saree like earrings, thin bracelets, and long sleek chains with small pendants. Your regular metal hoops or jewelry will not work with saree. Jewelry doesn’t matter for highly educated materials, they aren’t materialists as others who think Jewelry Makes a sense. It is only to make yourself Extra. But what others think is Simple Living High Thinking.

 9. Heels

A pair of flip-flops or flats don’t go well with your saree. You need to wear at least a slight amount of heels when wearing a saree. Wearing a Heels Make you comfortable coz it slightly increases your height as well and a slight long saree is perfectly suited on you.

10. Pockets

Saris don’t have pockets like jeans or trousers so girls have to carry a cloth or a handbag for earphones, wallets, and keys. No one has a made a Saree with pocket Right?

11. Restroom

The urge to loo takes a backseat when you want to go to the restroom in a saree. It is quite uncomfortable to go to the restroom on saree than that with jeans and trousers its Fact.

12. Adds-to-age

Fat or slightly over-weight girl looks much older in a saree than her real age if she hasn’t selected perfect draping style as well as a saree according to her she looks old due to her body shape. So Maintain your body by doing regular exercises, Yoga.

13. Social Acceptability

The young generation refers to girls as Aalu or aunty if they wear Nepalese attire. Lots of girls didn’t wear a saree for fear of being called Aalu or aunty. It's your life and it's your choice no one can get that from you. People always backbite you for what you have so been happy and enjoy your life.

14. Weather

Saree is always a problem in monsoon and winter. In the rainy season, the saree will stick to your body and make you look sexier as well as too uncomfortable, while during winters, you will feel colder as tummy and back are bare. So get information about the weather before you get out Nobody knows what happen?

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Every product that you brought from brother-mart contains 2-3 months warranty and more related to products.

% of Discount?

You will not get any discount because the product on the website is the price after discount?

What is the online presence look like Does it look real to the product?

Nothing can be compared related to the photographs and the real product but we offer almost the same here at brother-Mart!

More Information

Color: Light Grey And Black

Fabric: Satin Crepe

Style: Digital Printed

Blouse Type: Un-stitched

Occasion Type: Festival / Party wear / Special Occasion

Dispatch: 1 day


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