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HBQ- Q32
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Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32 ,Bluetooth 5.0 Battery Capacity 1500mAh Get Free Oximeter

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Wireless earbuds, HBQ- Q32 Earphone, Bluetooth 5.0 Battery Capacity 1500mAh

Lowest and Best Price quality Wireless earbud HBQ-Q32. The Bestselling Earbud with maximum Features.


Wireless Version: V5.0 Impedance:8MM32 Wireless Frequency:2.4
Mic Sensitivity: -42Db Transmission Distance: 10m Charging Voltage:5V/1A
Working Temperature:-10-50 Battery Capacity:50mAh Playing: 4hrs
Standby Time:about 80 hrs  Charging Time:1hrs Weight:3g

Wireless Protocol:A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/ HSP1.2/AVRCP1.


Charging Box Battery Capacity: 1500MAh

The mobile phone will automatically connect the Wireless earbud HBQ-Q32

Production Introduction 

1. Functional Operation 

a) Boot and Connect 

The wireless earbud HBQ-Q32 will start automatically when it is picked up from the charging bin and connected to the connected Bluetooth device automatically, or Press the MFB key for about 3 seconds, the Blue indicator flashes off, the headphone Starts, the headphone will automatically match and Connect, and the headphone indicator flashes alternately red and blue, Then open the Bluetooth search of the mobile phone and find the corresponding Bluetooth device to click on the connection.

b)Shut down 

The wireless earbud HBQ-Q32will be put into the charging bin and automatically shut down after activating the charging state or press the MFB key for about 5 seconds, then the red light will flicker out and the earphones will shut down.

c) Use the headset again 

Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and take out the headphones from the charging box. The Left and right headphones in wireless earbud HBQ-Q32

2 Join Operation 

a) Monaural Connection pairing step (first connection)

(1) Turn on the Bluetooth device on your mobile phone 

(2)The earphone is picked up from the charging bin, automatically boots up, the indicator lights flashing alternately red and blue into the matching state: or the boot captain presses the " multi-function" button" for about 3 seconds, the earphone starts, and the indicator lights flashing alternately in the matching state.

(3) Find the corresponding Bluetooth name to connect.

(b) Ear-to-ear connection pairing step (first connection)

(1) The two headphones are Picked up from the charging bin at the same time. After the automatic boot, the blue Flashing of the indicator Lights out and the other headphone indicator Lights red and blue flashing alternately into the matching state.

(2) Turn on the Bluetooth device interface of the mobile phone, search and select the corresponding Bluetooth name connection is successful " the indicator lights from red and blue alternately flicker to off state, Bluetooth matching completes.


Be Careful 

1) When using Wireless earbud HBQ-Q32 for the first time, the insulation label on the headphones should be torn off so that the headphones can be charged properly 

2) The Wireless earbud HBQ-Q32 is put into the charging bin, and will automatically shut down after activating the charging state

3) The Wireless earbud HBQ-Q32 will start automatically when it is picked up from the charging bin, and it will be connected to the connected Bluetooth device automatically.

3) Keystroke Operation

Automatic Connection

After the first connection is successful, the next time the earphone is switch on. It will automatically connect to the last Phone by default.

Answer/end /reject calls 

Answer/hang up the phone 

  • Short Press the MFB button once                                                 
  •  Reject the Call 
  • Short Press the MFB button Twice 
Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32

Music Playback Control


  • Short Press the MFB button once 

Next Songs 

  • Short Press the MFB button 2 Times 

Previous Songs 

  • Short Press the MFB button 3 times 

Voice Switching (Two earphones must be individually switched)

Pick up one of the earphones from the charging box, automatically enter the pairing mode, and triple-Click the MFB button to switch the language. If the switched is successful, there will be corresponding Voice Prompt; then Put the earphone into the charging Box, Pick up another earphone and perform the same operation to switch the language.

(Note: The Voice Switching operation can be performed in multiple languages, and the voice Switching does not change in a single language)


4) Charging 

a)Charge the headphones; Put the headphones in the charging box, and the headphone indicator is always red. when the headphone is full, all the headphone lights go out.

b) Charge the charging box; Use the USB Charging line to insert the USB interface of the charging box. Green flashes during charging. when the charge is full, the charging box lights go out.

c) When the cell phone is out of power, the charging bin can also charge the cell phone



a) Please do not violently treat this product, also don't squeeze with heavy objects, keep it away from high temperature and high humidity environment.

b) Keep it away from WIFI and routers and other high-frequency transmitting devices, this will affect the signal reception of the unit and cause the sound to be broken and disconnected.

c) Please use this product in the effective environment (12 meters ), and there should be no physical blocking between the Bluetooth device and the earphone( Such as wall, etc)

d) Please Use the qualified charger to charge the charging case 

e) This product can be connected to any enabled Bluetooth Device 

NOTE: Due to the high risk of an accident you can Listen or  call with only one earphone (Only applied in a phone call )

 More Information

Product Name: Hitech HBQ-Q32 Bluetooth Earphones1500mAh power bank, TWS wireless earphone

Function: Short press the touch button to answer the call when you call, short press the touch button to hang up the call

Reject the call: When you call, press and hold the touch button for 1.5 seconds, then release it and reject it.

Pause/Play: Short press the touch button during playback to switch play/pause

Next song: Double-click the touch button during playback Previous song: Three-click touch button during playback

Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32
Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32


Wireless Bluetooth headphones, deliver a high-quality audio listening experience with clarity, and smooth bass response for the enjoyment of all styles of music.

Lightweight and great for sports, walking, running, or a favorite activity.

Bluetooth 5.0, energy saving, improved data transfer, and less interference.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery, up to 4-5 hours of playback time and super long standby time.

The built-in microphone allows these headphones to act as a headset for hands-free calling with mobile devices.

Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32


All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and a slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement. We recommend you could check with sales for exact offers if need.

Wireless earbuds HBQ- Q32

Packing list

2x Earphones

1x Charging Bin

1x USB Line

4x Ear Cap

1x Chinese and English Instruction Manual


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