The best and affordable GPS tracking baby watch in Nepal | Brothermart

The best and affordable GPS tracking baby watch in Nepal | Brothermart

If you are looking for best and affordable kids watch with GPS tracking features, then shop for these four top model of kids smartwatches in Nepal.

In this blog post we will provide the information with details and specifications of the best GPS tracking baby watch that you can buy in Nepal in 2023. These GPS tracking children watch has been more popular with the parents who wants to gift their kids in any special events like birthday or any special occasions in Nepal.

There are mainly four different widely trending GPS tracking kids watch among kids and parents in Nepal. They are Q19 6th generation kids watch, A10 4G LTE kids smartwatch, LT21 4G kids watch, 4G D36 Kids watch. The price of this kids watches in Nepal are NPR 3,999, NPR 9,999 and NPR 12,999 respectively. The price of LT21 4G price is same as 4G D36 kids watch. 

What are the features of all these four kids smartwatches?

Q19 6th generation kids watch: 


This kids watch comes with the LBS tracking with the important features like answering calls and dial calls. As this watch is sim supported you can make a voice call through the sim card network. Other features includes, waterproof, kids games, calculator, flashlight, alarm clock, SOS emergency. This watch comes with one year warranty from Brothermart. 

Other technical specification of this children watch are; battery capacity of 300-450mAh, 1.44 inch screen, 128x128 resolution screen, 0.3 MP rear camera, <128MB ROM, detachable band.

A10 4G LTE kids smartwatch:

Shop gps kids watch in Nepal

This A10 4G LTE children watch in Nepal comes with the features of GPS tracking, voice call, video calling, remote monitoring, GEO fencing, emergency SOS and 4G LTE connectivity with active Wi-Fi features. 

Other technical specifications of this A10 4G LTE kids watch are; MTK6739 quad-core 1.25GHz processor, Nano sim card, 1.4 inch colour touch screen, android 6.0, 2 MP front facing camera, 680 mAh battery with 48 hours standby time, screen resolution of 240x240, 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. This kids watch also comes waterproof with one full year warranty from Brothermart.

LT21 4G kids watch:

This LT21 4G kids watch in Nepal comes with the features of GPS, Wi-Fi, LBS positioning system, with 2GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, you also get 4G LTE support on video and audio call, remote monitoring, GEO fencing, and emergency SOS, also have a health monitoring with pedometer sensor.

Other technical Specification of this LT21 4G kids watch are; 1.4inch IPS screen with 240x240 resolutions, 650 mAh battery, IP67 waterproof, 2GB memory and comes with waterproof with one year warranty from Brothermart.

4G D36 Model kids smartwatch:

4g best kids smartwatch in Nepal at best price on brothermart

One of the best and trending kids watch is this 4G D36 model kids watch. This watch comes with features like, 4G VoLTE and Wi-Fi for connectivity, GPS tracking, SOS emergency, GEO fencing, voice assistant, parental control, compactible with both android and iOS, pre installed educational applications and more.

Other technical specifications of this kids watch are; 1.4 inch touchscreen with 240x240 screen resolutions, 600mAh battery backup with up to 2 days of standby time, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, 2MP camera, sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope. This watch comes with full one year of warranty and full water resistant features.

Best Gift for Kids:

No doubt, when you come to finding the best gift for the kids, smartwatch for kids are the best options. Kids watch are fun, entertaining for the parents and also helps parents teach them through educational games which will keep them away from smartphones addictions too. Other is, peace of mind to the parents of it' features like GPS tracking, dual communications, emergency SOS, GEO fencing features. And with the affordability of this range of kids watch, parents are more attracted to gift kids watch to their children.

To Conclude:

There are many cheap watches for kids but doesn't have all these features mentioned above. Price starts from NPR 300. But these four models explained above has the best and necessary features like GPS tracking for child and parents to make them the best gift for the children. They are affordable too with the features and specifications provided with after sales support.

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