Here we started

Brother-mart Online Shopping was founded in 2016A.D with Just 2 team members and few categories to showcase to our loyal audience.


COVID Pandemic

Because of COVID Pandemic Brother-mart saw a drastic boom in e-commerce from Nepalese and that was the moment where Brother-mart gained it's trust from audience selling many product to household of Nepal.


Android App Launched

As more of our loyal online shoppers added, the market was ready to install our Android App with 10k downloads with a month of launch.


Future is Beautiful

500k+ monthly website visitor and selling more than 5lakh+ products online with more than 3k+ reviews Brother-mart is holding strong and sees a beautiful future of E-commerce in Nepal and Brother-mart as a strong trustable Brand in Nepal.

Why Shop from Brother-Mart?

Personal shopping experience with discounts and deals with easy return and exchange with warranty.

Customer service

Professional customer support for all of your questions and concerns

Free Delivery

We deliver free on eligible location and for wide range of products

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