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Kids watch price in Nepal | Everything you need to know about kids watch

What is the price of kids watch in Nepal? In this article we will discuss kids watch price, features and specifications.

In today's fast-paced world, keeping an eye on kids activities is a challenge for every parent. With the rise of technology, children have easy access to various gadgets, and it's hard to monitor their screen time and activities. However, technology has also provided some solutions to these problems, and one such solution is kid's watches. A kids watch is a wearable device designed for children that not only tells the time but also offers several safety features. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of a kids watch with a focus on its safety benefits and features in the context of Nepal, where the price of the kids watch is NPR 3,999.

kids watch price in Nepal with full features and benefits

  1. GPS and LBS Tracking: One of the most significant advantages of a kids watch is GPS/LBS  (Global positioning system/ location based service) tracking. There is slight difference in GPS and LBS tracking so the prices of kids watch may have some difference. GPS locate the device more precisely than LBS technology. With GPS, parents can track the location of their children in real-time. While with LBS uses the local GSM cell tower to locate the device it's accurate may vary depending on the location and range.  The kids' watches are equipped with GPS/LBS, and parents can access the location of their child using a mobile application. This feature is particularly useful for parents who have children who go to school or play outside without supervision. In Nepal, where kidnapping and child trafficking are significant concerns, this feature can provide parents with peace of mind.
  1. Two-way Communication: Kids' watches also offer two-way communication, which means that children can make and receive calls from their parents. Parents can program a set of emergency numbers into the watch, and children can call them in case of an emergency. The two-way communication feature can also be used to keep in touch with children when they are away from home. This feature is particularly useful for parents who have busy schedules and cannot always be physically present to supervise their children.
  1. SOS Button: Another significant safety feature of a kids watch is the SOS button. The SOS button is a panic button that children can press in case of an emergency. When the button is pressed, parents receive an alert, and they can track the location of their child using GPS. In Nepal, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods are frequent, the SOS button can be a lifesaver.
  1. Geo-Fencing: Geo-fencing is another useful safety feature of a kids watch. With geo-fencing, parents can set up virtual boundaries around certain areas, and they receive alerts when their children enter or leave those areas. This feature can be used to keep children away from dangerous areas or to ensure that they do not wander too far from home.
  1. Watch Alarm, calculator, games and more: Apart from the safety features, kids' watches also offer some useful features such as an alarm, a stopwatch, flashlight, calculator and brain development games. The alarm feature can be used to wake children up in the morning, while the stopwatch can be used to time activities such as sports or homework, similarly, games has been productive to entertain kids and develop their brain in creative way as games are designed in such a way they will get entertained and simultaneously they will learn. The other advantage of this games are the addiction to the smartphone has been reduced in astronomical way.


Specifications of kids smartwatch:

We have two variety of kids watch one with LBS tracking that cost Rs 3,999 and another one with GPS tracking with full HD video call features with price of Rs 9,999. We will provide specifications for the both types of kids watch here:

Kids watch with LBS Tracking:

Function Details
Answer Calls Yes
Dial Calls Yes
Alarm Clock Yes
Lighting Yes
LBS location Yes
RAM <128MB
SIM Card Available Yes
Type On Wrist
Language English, Russian, Spanish
Multiple Dials No
Battery Capacity 300-450mAh
ROM <128MB
Rear Camera 0.3MP
Waterproof Grade Waterproof
Band Material Silica gel
Battery Detachable Yes
Screen Shape Square
Resolution 128*128
Display Size 1.44 inch
Certification NONE
Application Age Group Child
Style Cute
Movement Type Electronic
APP Download Available No
Case Material Plastic
Band Detachable Yes
Support 2g Micro SIM card (Not included)
Specifications of kids watch with GPS features:
Feature Details
Display 1.4-inch colour touch screen
Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Processor MTK6739 quad-core 1.25GHz processor
Operating System Android 6.0
Memory 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage
SIM Card Nano SIM card slot, compatible with 4G LTE networks
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and 4G LTE
Camera 2-megapixel front-facing camera
Battery 680mAh battery with up to 48 hours of standby time
Features GPS tracking, voice and video calling, messaging, alarm clock, step counter, and remote monitoring
Material Plastic watch body with a silicone strap

In Nepal, this kids smartwatch comes with one year warranty so parents don't have to worry about the faulty products. Other features includes, waterproofs, multiple color options, unique designs that kids will love. Now, parents can gift this kids watch to their children's and can have peace of mind, instead of giving them cheap toys with any benefits.

Here is the video of the kids watch too please watch:

To conclude, kid's watches offer several safety benefits and features that can provide parents with peace of mind. With GPS tracking, two-way communication, SOS button, geo-fencing, Games and other features, parents can keep a watchful eye on their children, even when they are not physically present. In Nepal, where safety concerns are significant, the advantages of a kids watch are particularly important. At a price of NPR 3,999, the kids watch is an affordable investment that can provide parents with a sense of security and help keep their children safe.

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