EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera

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EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera


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Buy Latest CCTV Night Vision Camera EZVIZ C1C 720p Indoor Camera Compatible with H.K. Vision 1MP 

Product Information 

  • Manufacturer : EZVIZ 
  • Item Weight : 400 grams 
  • Included Component : Adapter 
  • Image Sensor : 1/4" Progressive Scan CMOS(720)
  • Shutter Speed : Self-adaptive shutter 
  • Lens Mount : M12 
  • Day & Night : IR- Cut Filter With Auto-Switching 
  • DNR : 3D DNR 
  • Max Resolution : 1280 x 720(720p)
  • Frame Rate : Max 25fps; Self-adaptive during network transmission(720)
  • Smart Alarm : Motion detection
  • Wi-Fi Pairing : AP Pairing 
  • Power: Micro USB 
EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera Compatible Price In Nepal


Your Watchful Guardian with Owl-Like Precision!

Unleash the Power of vigilance with the EZVIZ C1C Camera, a cutting-edge surveillance solution designed to embody the same sharp-eyed prowess as an owl. With its advanced features and intuitive design, the C1C Camera brings a new level of security and observation to your space.

🔍Sharp-Eyed Precision 

Just Like an Owl's Keen eyesight, the EZVIZ C1C Camera boasts a high-definition lens that captures every detail with remarkable Clarity. Whether it's daytime or the cover of night, the camera's Superior optics ensure nothing goes unnoticed, allowing you to monitor your property with unmatched precision

🌙Enhanced Night Vision 

Owls are renowned for their ability to navigate the dark effortlessly. Similarly, the C1C Camera is equipped with advanced infrared technology, enabling it to maintain vigilance even in low-light conditions. Experience clear and sharp Images, regardless of the time of day.

📸Wide- Angle Coverage 

Owls can rotate their heads extensively for a wide field of view. The C1C Camera mimics this versatility, offering a generous viewing angle that covers more ground with fewer cameras. Monitor Larger areas without Compromising on image Quality or Clarity

EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera Compatible With H.K Vision SD Card  Buy Now

📱Remote Access 

Stay Connected to your property no matter where you are with the help off EZVIZ app, you can access Live Footage from the C1C Camera using your Smartphone or tablet. This app also enables you to receive instant motion alerts, ensuring you're always in the know when activity is detected.

💡 Intelligent Motion Detection 

Just as Owls can detect even the Slightest Movements, the C1C Camera features intelligent Motion detection, Receive notifications only When relevant Motion is detected, Saving you from unnecessary alerts and ensuring you never miss a thing 

🔊Two-Way Audio 

Engage in real-time communication through the C1C Camera's built-in-microphone and speaker. Whether it's addressing a visitor, warning off an intruder, or simply checking in on your loved ones, the two-way audio feature keeps you connected and in control.

📦 Easy Setup

 Setting up the C1C Camera is as Simple as it gets. The User Friendly design and step-by-step instructions ensure a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to start monitoring your property in no time.

🔒Secure Data Encryption 

Just like an Owl guards its nest, your privacy is of utmost importance. The C1C Camera employs advanced data encryption to safeguard your footage from unauthorized access, ensuring your peace of mind.

Where sharp-eyed observation meets modern technology. Embrace the assurance of constant vigilance, intricate detailing, and seamless connectivity. Invest in your safety and the protection of what matters most. Get your EZVIZ C1C CCTV Camera today and experience security like never before 


EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera Compatible With H.K Vision SD Card Best Camera

2)HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera 

Elevate your home security with the HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera. Seamlessly Combining smart technology with sharp night vision, the C1C offers easy installation and comprehensive coverage. Its super night vision ensures protection for every corner, even in complete darkness.

  • Choose between 720 or 1080 resolution options for clear visuals.
  • Enjoy a wide field of view with angles of 10° or 130°.
  • Seamlessly connect using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for reliable performance.
  • Experience enhanced visibility even in the dark with infrared night vision 
  • Engage in two-way conversations using the built-in talk feature.
  • Store your footage conveniently on MicroSD Cards, Supporting up to 256 GB 
  • Capture expansive areas effortlessly with the wide-angle lens, Spanning up-to 12 meters 
EZVIZ C1C 720 (1MP) Indoor Camera Compatible With H.K Vision SD Card Discount


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