Geemy Trimmer Set 3in1 GM-595 and Shaver Rechargeable Light & Compact Stainless Steel Blade Easy To cut Hair & Beared

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Geemy Trimmer Set 3in1 GM-595 and Shaver Rechargeable Light & Compact Stainless Steel Blade Easy To cut Hair & Beared

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Pickup currently unavailable

Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal


Buy this Geemy Trimmer  Set 3in1 GM-595 and Shaver Rechargeable Light & Compact Stainless Steel Blade Easy To cut Hair & Beard 


  • Light & compact
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Easy to cut your hair
  • Press type switch
  • Charging indicator
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Voltage:220-240v50/60HZ 3w.
  • Stainless Steel Blade, easy-to-cut hair
  • Charging Indicator
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy And Stylish
  • Precision Cutting
  • Ergonomic Design For Easier Handling

Geemy Trimmer  Set 3in1 GM-595

How to change the head of Gemmy Trimmer 

  • Put down the head of Gemmy Trimmer  then turn the head clockwise and conversely, you can remove the head 
  • Follow a similar process for all the heads of Gemmy Trimmer 

How to Use 

Geemy Trimmer Shaver 
  1. Switch hands stretched upward nudge skin, and let the Geemy Trimmer shaver at right angles to the skin in contact against the direction of the beard slowly moving back and forth.
  2. Open the Switch, Push up the sideburns Knife, and the sideburns Knife will be working.
Geemy Trimmer Hair  Clipper 
  1. Flick the switch of Geemy Trimmer up, Let the Knife forward to a certain angle, moving close to the hair 
  2. Adjust the guide comb of the Geemy Trimmer up and down, you can control the cutting length and do
 Geemy Trimmer Nose Trimmer 
  1. Flick the switch of the Geemy Trimmer up

Geemy Trimmer  Set 3in1 GM-595 Buy Now from

Geemy Trimmer Shaver Clean 

  1. Press and hold both ends of the index finger and thumb as the AB direction arrow can dial up. Unplug the nets and then use the brush to clean the residue beard, with 2 down arrows to install the plug for the Geemy Trimmer 

Geemy Trimmer Hair Clipper Clean 

  1. The head pressing force of Geemy Trimmer  along the direction of the arrow to remove the central head, you can clean it 
  2. Press the top of the Geemy Trimmer to insert a plastic tank, the second alignment metal parts, according to the pressure head center, can be installed along the direction of the arrow tip
  3. Press the Comb of Geemy Trimmer along the direction of the arrow.

How to Charge the Geemy Trimmer 

  1. Be sure to use the original factory charging cable and a temperature between 535C, You can not sure wet hands plug the cord, AC220-240V Charging Geemy Trimmer 
  2. Before charging the Geemy Trimmer ensure that the switch is closed Do not charge in the sunlight 
  3. The Indicator of Geemy Trimmer will show when charging
  4. The standard charging time for Geemy Trimmer is 8-12 hours 


  1. Geemy Trimmer cannot be washed and should be placed in a dry / well-ventilated place 
  2. Geemy Trimmer is for adults and should be away from children 
Special Offer and Discount

Geemy Trimmer GM-595 SE. Power source: AC 220-240V – 50 Hz 3W. Cordless operation. Light & compact. Stainless steel blade, easy to cut your hair. Press the type switch, easy to operate. charging indicator. Rechargeable battery (Can be replaced – AA size). Powerful & unique Motor. 

What's included:

Geemy Trimmer  GM-595, charging cords, 3pcs hair clips, oil bottle, and cleaning brush This is the trimmer you were looking for, a perfect companion for every gentleman, hunks who can groom themselves on the go. Perfectly designed quality product to slim trim your beard, mustache, etc. Powerful blades with a rechargeable option for on-the-go performance.

In The Box 

  • Protect cover 
  • Foil 
  • Shaver's head 
  • Switch 
  • Trimmer's head 
  • Guide Comb 
  • Nose Trimmer 
  • Charger 
  • Cleaning brush 


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