How to make money from Brother-mart affiliate in 2024?

How to make money from Brother-mart affiliate in 2024?

Brother-mart affiliate can be the great way to make money online in 2024, particularly in Nepal. In this blog we will share how people in Nepal can make money from Brother-mart affiliate.

What is Brother-mart Affiliate?

Brother-mart affiliate is a platform created by Brother-mart Private Limited (A Nepal Based E-commerce Company) where people can earn commission sharing products online through their affiliate link. Once you signup to the Brother-mart affiliate, each new affiliates will get their own unique affiliate link on their respective dashboard, they can also create unique affiliate link for each individual products on their dashboard. Once people start buying through your affiliate link you will make commissions on each sale depending on the product cost.

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How you can make money from Brother-mart Affiliate?

After you apply for Brother-mart Affiliate, you get your own dashboard where you can see your own affiliate link, create your own affiliate link, create coupon, discount codes. Once, you get sale through your affiliate link you start making commissions from Brother-mart affiliate. Brother-mart affiliate takes 2 weeks to dispatch commissions to their affiliate after their valid sale. The more you sale through your affiliate link, more you make as a commissions. The commission rate for affiliates starts from 1% to up to 20% depends on the category and price of the product.

Is Starting a Affiliate Business Model Feasible in Nepal?

In case of Nepal affiliate marketing is one of the best online business to start in 2024. Here is why:

  1. Unemployment: Many people in Nepal are unemployed, it is the best medium to try your skillset from digital marketing, content creation, graphic designer, social media strategist, vlogger and many more. These skills can have big impact to grow your affiliate business. Sharpen your skills through affiliate marketing rather staying idle and unemployed. 
  2. Internet users: Internet users in Nepal is growing every year because of smartphones and internet reach across nooks and corner of Nepal, now many Nepalese are online on different social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many more. Reach wide range of audience to sell through your affiliate link and building trust.
  3. Low risk: Affiliate business model is one of the low risk business model as this business only requires your time to grow your audience and creating content, you don't need to buy any product, nor stock inventory to sell.
  4. Work from anywhere: The flexibility of working from anywhere is another benefit of affiliate business model, you just need laptop or mobile phone with internet and you are all set.
  5. Passive income: Once you create a blog or vlog where many people views and the viewers grows every day and month, you create one video but that video can give you income for many many years to come. This is called passive income. You can leverage your affiliate business to create a passive income for you.

How to be Successful in Affiliate Business in Nepal?

As you have already known about affiliate business, now let's move to make it successful. There are some of the key important factors for affiliate business to make it or break it.

  • Select your Niche:

Choosing your niche segment or product is very important. Select a niche where there are lots of demand; like gadgets niche, specialty on smartwatches. There should also be your interest which will help you to be motivated while starting off. 

  • Choose your Affiliate Program:

After you select your Niche market, next thing you do is to select your affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs abroad like Amazon, Clickbait, Shareashare, Walmart, BestBuy and many more. The problem with affiliate program based outside of Nepal is the payout, there are lot of hassle faced by affiliates when it time to get their affiliate commission. But in case of Nepal there are not many affiliate program with great pay. Some of them that comes in mind when we think of affiliate program in Nepal are Brother-mart affiliate, Daraz Affiliate. Select your affiliate program as per commission rates, product availability. Great commission rate always better for affiliates and worth your time.

  • Choose your traffic source:

After you choose your affiliate program, you get your unique affiliate link through that program, for example, I have posted the screenshot of Brother-mart affiliate dashboard, here you can see the example of affiliate link below, you will get your affiliate like this. Next step is to get your traffic to buy product from your link. In 2024 there are many channels you can choose, but I will share top channels where there are ton of people and getting traffic won't be super hard for you.

brothermart affiliate

-Facebook: It is one of the biggest social media platform and you can find biggest audience in Nepal to share your affiliate link. After TikTok got banned in Nepal, no other social media comes closer to Facebook, so better utilize this platform to grow your audience. Make sure you make Facebook page around your niche.

-Instagram: After Facebook, make sure you make Instagram business account. Instagram is best for showcasing beautiful graphical content, reels and benefits of the product to your target audience, Instagram also has huge social presence in Nepalese community.

-YouTube: Create YouTube channels and share great shorts, long-form videos around your niche product. People on YouTube are looking for some educational content around different products that helps to solve their problem. Your next customer can be on YouTube watching your videos, don't miss this opportunity. Highly engaging, helpful videos will definitely help your videos to go viral and reach to millions of viewers online. Don't forget to share your affiliate link on the description section of the YouTube.

-X (Formerly Twitter): People using X is growing in Nepal, open your X business account and invite online audience to follow your business sharing helpful content for them. 

-LinkedIn: Other great and professional social media platform is LinkedIn. Here you can gather many professional people who might be interested on what you are sharing, open LinkedIn business profile around your niche and share professional article, post, videos for LinkedIn audience and grow you LinkedIn account.

-Pinterest: Other image based social media giant is Pinterest where you can share high quality images and people can directly see your images and connect with your affiliate link to make a another sale for you. 

In 2024 there are many affiliates who totally depends on these social media to make money. Utilize these sources for your next big affiliate business in Nepal.

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