Dashain is Coming- Here are what people are buying

Dashain is Coming- Here are what people are buying

Shopping during Dashain is exciting but it is also the most exhausting and time-consuming process for most people. If you are the one who is planning to make a list of things to buy in this Dashain and save some time (plus money with a discount code) then you are in the right place.

In this post, we are discussing and showcasing some of the fantastic products that our hundreds and thousands of buyers are purchasing on daily basis from all around Nepal so that you too can make decisions on this process. Isn’t it cool? (Totally fine if your budget is low).

We are breaking these into sections so that it will be easy for you to consider and maneuver the listing as per the category.

  • Technology, Electronics, and Gadgets
  • One of the most famous categories, where millions of people all around Nepal are flocking to buy on this festive season is technology, electronics, and gadgets, whether you are a college graduates, a office employees, a business owners, or a homemaker, some of the best selling products for the month of September are smartwatches, drones, projectors, wifi cameras, speakers, headphones, earbuds, microphones, tripods, gimbal and many more. Some of the products that are on discount up to 50% for this Dashain festival are listed below. Please take a look below. 


  • Men’s and Women’s Shoes
  • Whenever people think of Dashain or some occasions/events, the first thing that comes in our mind is what people (friends/family/internet) are wearing/buying or what to wear on this special festivals like Dashain, or some events like wedding, Pooja (Ceremonial rites), Bartabanda (rite), Pasni (Weaning Ceremony), or even at the birthday event. So, the shoe is also one of the important product that you can write on your ipad or notebook/copy for this Dashain season. Hold on! but be very careful while selecting shoes. There are lots of duplicates and people are scamming all around the internet as well as offline places like Ratnapark, and Bus parks or even Big Malls to name a few. Some of our shoes collections are mentioned below. Take a look.


  • Men’s and Women’s Clothing
  • One of the favorite segment and always the favorite segment is clothing category: from Jackets, Cotton Pant, Dhaka Saree, Kurtis, Lehengas, Jeans pant, stylish shirt and more. The things that you have to take care while buying clothes is the manufacturer materials, size, return policy, washing and handling procedure because some of the clothing material have color fading problem and super weak to last for even months. We have some of the affordable list here.

  • Bags
  • Forget about brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel for bags, those days are gone when Nepalese used to buy expensive high copy brands by breaking their bank and life savings to impress or any other reasons. Thanks to government (many were caught on this racket and scams). we have some of the affordable and stylish bags which have been famous among hundreds and thousands of customers. Recently, Nepal has been attracted by some of the new and authentic brand and people has been starting loving it.

    If you are looking for any specific product for this Dashain that is not listed in this page then please reach us at info@brother-mart.com or 9801877856.

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