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Affiliate Marketing in Nepal: Complete Guide for 2023

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Affiliate marketing can be one of the greatest opportunity in Nepal to boost your earnings. Whether you're interested in becoming an affiliate marketer to promote other brands or you want to establish your own affiliate program to elevate your brand's presence, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the complete process and how you can be successful in Affiliate marketing in Nepal.

Join the journey to become a successful affiliate marketer who promotes other brands. We'll delve into the art of making money through affiliate marketing in Nepal, provide insightful online marketing tips to ensure your success, and share savvy tricks to maximize your income.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?:

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where individuals or businesses earn commissions by promoting products or services from others. Affiliates drive traffic or sales through referral links. When a purchase is made through the link, affiliates receive a percentage of the revenue.

Affiliate marketing can result in a sale, but it can also reward affiliates for generating leads, driving clicks to a website, securing app downloads, and more.

The concept is simple, and most affiliate programs are free to join, ensuring a low entry barrier. When executed effectively, affiliate marketing can evolve from a side gig into a profitable online business venture, providing a substantial income.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing in context of Nepal:

To be brutally honest, Nepal is a developing country where on daily basis more than 2000 people leave country because of no opportunities, no income, no future. People who want to make extra income in Nepal should take affiliate marketing seriously and have to undersatand the fundamental of affiliate marketing and use it as passive income tool. The earning through affiliate marketing in Nepal depends on how much traffic, trust and sales you can bring through your affiliate link. Traffic can be from any source, email, social, sms, groups, comments, videos, and more.

In Nepal, people need to have multiple source of income as the salary is not as expected and it's really hard to sustain in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara with one persons income. Affiliate Marketing in Nepal can help you to reach to next level if you follow some of the tips and strategy posted in this article.

Watch this video too if you want to learn about affiliate marketing in Nepal:

Basic Misconception of Affiliate Marketing in Nepal:

Most people think affiliate marketing is a rich quick scheme fooling other people but the case is just opposite. It is real business model where you provide real value through your expert advice through Vlog, blog or any other means, once you build your brand and trust people start ordering from your link and your videos and so on. Affiliate marketing is risk free business and can be done on the side without leaving your full time job and the possibility to scale to big scale is high. Once your affiliate income is enough to sustain you and your family you can make affiliate marketing business as your full time and you can guide other interested audince to learn more and earn through affiliate marketing in Nepal. You can increase you income stream being mentor and coach helping other too through affiliate marketing.

Diffence Between Affiliate Marketing and other online business in Nepal?:

Some of the difference between affiliate marketing and other online business model are as follows:

  1. Low Risk: In affiliate marketing you don't have to make huge initial investment, you are just recommeding other brands and products through your affiliate link. If you want to start your own product based online business, you need huge capital to stock inventory, marketing, able to sell, refund, exchanges and more.
  2. Flexibility: Doing affiliate business in Nepal is so flexible, you can do whenever you want to do, you can have your full time income and still do affiliate marketing. Whereas other online business model requires your 100% dedication to that business, and you have to overlook different areas of that business from accounting, finance, operations, customer service and list goes on and on.
  3. Scalebilty: The amount of input you put in this business model is far less than any other business model. The technical expertise required for this business s also not so demanding. So any non-tech person can start and try. Once you be good and understand the industry, contents, metrics, aduinece and more you upscale you skills according and grow up in the ladder of success.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate programs function by allowing individuals (affiliates) to promote and sell products or services from a company. In return, affiliates earn commissions for each sale originating from their unique affiliate link.

Here's an overview:

  1. Affiliates showcase an ad or link for a specific company on their platform.
  2. A potential customer clicks the affiliate link.
  3. If the customer makes a purchase from the linked company, the affiliate earns a commission.
  4. The affiliate network records the transaction.
  5. The purchase is verified by the company.
  6. The affiliate receives a monetary commission.

Affiliate commission rates vary according to the company and the offer. While some offer as low as 3% commission, others can go as high as 90%, especially for educational programs or events. Certain programs opt for a flat rate per sale rather than a percentage.

Here is another video for you to better understand about Affiliate marketing in Nepal and how you can start your affiliate marketing business in Nepal:

Diverse Approaches to Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing encompasses various strategies. Three distinct types of affiliate marketing approaches emerged:

  1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing: This approach involves little to no connection between the affiliate and the product's niche. It often entails running pay-per-click advertising campaigns to generate clicks and potential sales.

  2. Related Affiliate Marketing: Here, affiliates promote products or services related to their niche. The key is to have an engaged audience that values recommendations, even if the affiliate hasn't used the product personally.

  3. Involved Affiliate Marketing: This approach is rooted in trust and authenticity. Affiliates only promote products they've used and genuinely believe in. Building credibility takes time, but it's essential for creating a sustainable business.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing offers numerous advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs, but it's also accompanied by certain challenges.


  1. Easy Execution: Affiliate marketing focuses on the marketing side, relieving you from tasks like product development and support.
  2. Low Risk: Joining affiliate programs incurs no upfront costs. The potential for passive income through commissions is enticing.
  3. Scalability: Successful affiliate marketing enables you to scale earnings without hiring additional personnel. Introducing new products to your audience can boost your revenue.
  4. Authenticity Matters: Recommending products you believe in fosters trust with your audience, enhancing the likelihood of conversions.


  1. Patience Required: Affiliate marketing isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; it demands time and patience to grow an audience and gain influence.
  2. Commission-Based: Income is commission-driven, and there's no fixed paycheck. Earnings depend on the type of action (sale, lead, click) triggered by your referrals.
  3. Program Guidelines: Affiliates must adhere to company guidelines, restricting their marketing approach. Building differentiation in a crowded market can be challenging.

See the image below where you can make your affiliate link from Brothermart Affiliate:

affiliate marketing in nepal

Earning Potential for Affiliate Marketers:

how much you can earn as affiliate marketing in nepal

Affiliate marketing income ranges broadly. While some earn a few hundred dollars per month, others generate six-figure annual incomes. The extent of your earnings depends on factors such as your niche, audience size, and level of engagement.

The average annual salary for an affiliate marketer exceeds $53,000, with some earning considerably more. Affiliate marketing can offer a sustainable income stream, but your chosen niche significantly impacts your potential earnings.

Earnings hinge on the affiliate program's payment model. Five common approaches include pay per sale, pay per action, pay per install, pay per lead, and pay per click.

Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Journey in Nepal:

Embark on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer by following these steps:

  1. Choose Your Platform and Method: Select a platform you're comfortable with and develop a strategy to engage your audience. Platforms may include blogging, social media, YouTube, and more.

  2. Define Your Niche and Audience: Choose a niche you're passionate about and understand well. Tailor your content to resonate with your audience's interests.

  3. Identify Products to Promote: Seek products or services that align with your niche and audience. Research affiliate marketplaces or reach out directly to companies.

  4. Join an Affiliate Program: Apply to affiliate programs that match your audience and niche. Many platforms offer diverse products to promote.

Tips for Achieving Affiliate Marketing Success in Nepal:

how to successfull in affiliate marketing

To excel in affiliate marketing in Nepal, adopt these strategies:

  1. Provide Value: Focus on solving problems for your audience through informative and authentic content.

  2. Engage Product Experts: Interview product experts to provide depth and insight into the product you're promoting.

  3. Create Tutorials: Develop tutorials showcasing product benefits to guide your audience.

  4. Build an Email List: Use email marketing to nurture relationships and keep your audience informed about valuable offers.

  5. Optimize for Search Terms: Craft content around relevant keywords to enhance discover

  6. Automation: In this technological era automate your social media contents all across the channels so that you can focus on growing you affiliate business.
  7. Guest posting: Write great content on other blogs or website, get organic listing on top the google, as traffic grows and people start glowing through your affiliate link and make a valid purchase you gradually increase your income and brand as a whole.

Brand who let you be affiliate marketer in Nepal:

There are many renowned Nepali brands in Nepal who are providing really good comissions to their affiliates in return for sharing their products and services. Some of the list are:

  1. BrotherMart Affiliate: BrotherMart affiliate is a part of BrotherMart one of the best selling electronics gadget online store in Nepal. You can get some handsome comission sharing products from Brother-mart Online Store. The requirements to be brothermart affiliate is not so hard as compared to other brands.
  2. Daraz Affiliate Program: You can share daraz products and can earn comissions too. The entry barrier can be the hurdle if you want to be Daraz affiliates. Check the link provided above for the requirements and comission structure.

International Brand that you can signup for affiliate marketing:

There are numerous brand that helps affiliates make comission for sharing their products and services. From e-commerce brands like Amazon Associates, Flipkart, Ebay, Walmart to insurance companies like Gieco, progressive and more. Some widely famous international marketplace are clickbank, Shareasell, CJ affiliate.

Before signing up make sure your country of residence is accepted by these international brands. And also make sure the comission structures aligns with your final expectations.


Whether you are starting affiliate marketing in 2023 for local Nepali Brands or for international brands like mentioned above. The ultimate goal of this article is to help you to better understand the concept of affiliate marketing and how you can strat affiliate marketing in Nepal. 

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