How to find a right Online Shopping in this internet Jungle?

How to find a right Online Shopping in this internet Jungle?

Are you confused and lost while finding the genuine and honest online shopping business in Nepal which provides best products with great customer support?

In this article we will try to explain what you should look to filter the best online shopping in Nepal and how you can filter the bad ones.

Some points that you should look for are:

  • Does they have Website? Does they have SSL?

People forget that building business is not just to earn money or profit asking people to give them money from their pocket instead its a relationship with the customer and the business. It's not just for one time or for one product. It can go for life time if the customer relationship goes hand in hand. Look for the genuine website of the business because website creation takes investment of money, time and expertise and dedication to update and maintain it. It cost hard work and dedications with the team of experts. If anyone or any business is asking your hard earned money without the authentic website with SSL verification then please be aware.

  • Does they have social Presence with legit metrics?

Please do cross check all the social profile with the established date of the business you are dealing with. If possible ask for the registration or vat number for verification before sending your hard earned money to the business. Most customers comes to brother-mart complaining that they have never received their products even if they send their money, many of them have been a part of online scam nowadays. Yearly, millions of rupees, and thousands of consumers are targeted by these online scammers which has made a online business look like a scam in overall case, so please be aware.

  • Check for reviews and reputation in the market:

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Even legit businesses has bad reputation in the market because of many factors like quality of the products, taking huge profits, bad customers service, logistics issues, never getting the right products at the right time and many more. Please be aware before sending your hard earned money to such businesses and check for reviews and reputation of business while shopping from them.

  • Verify through other means:

Your friends, family or your community can help you to filter that business. Try them and ask them if they have ordered some products or took their services in the past. You can also cross verify with google reviews, look for location of the business in the google maps, see the Trustpilot reviews and so on. Call them directly to their business number or email them to their official email like

These are the some of the ways through which you can protect online fraud/scams and find the right company on online platforms. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can also call us at +977 9801877856 or email us at

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