People Always Ask: Brother-mart are the BEST Smartwatch Dealer in the Country? How?

People Always Ask: Brother-mart are the BEST Smartwatch Dealer in the Country? How?

Best Smartwatch Dealer in Nepal: Brother-mart. What is our back story?

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Well, to begin with, e-commerce (A.K.A online business) was not always easy to start with for Brother-mart, especially when you are in a country where people don't want Nepalese companies to be Billion $ companies or even slightly fewer million dollars company like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. To make a profit in this market was like walking on the sharp edge cliff when you fall you never know, and you will vanish. At the beginning of 2016AD, we made a huge loss when we imported a container of products thinking that might be a big hit and the market will accept it but we got a blow (HUGE LOSS). The market was already flooded with Big players and filled with over-saturated products. Many companies got wiped out by that products.

People showers stories about how they made millions from the market on beauty products, or apparel..blah..blah but the back story they won’t tell you, many of them will be crushed by BIG giants in the industries, competing with them with over saturated products and with low margins and top of it market asking more discounts? Can you imagine it? People have lost their life savings, assets, houses, property and many more importing millions worth of “wrong” products.

Life teaches us a lesson, and the market teaches us a lesson, if you go outside and see people show their flashy business plans, ideas innocent people fall for it and think doing business is easy and get ready to waste their hard-earned money, knowing nothing about the product they are working on or the system they are building.

Okay let’s come to the point: After multiple failures, the idea was to find the pinpoint of the market, choose the right products to import in bulk and crush the market also you never want to enter the market where a big player with millions of dollars in hand for media buyers, marketing experts, connections are playing, they will crush you and kill you in the market, you also have to understand that never go for over competitive and over-saturated products, your business eventually gonna die in the market. Play where BIG player ignores, play on some back market where most people ignore its potential and scalability.

The Solution we found: What niche industry expert are you? Does this solve the market Problem? How Big is the Problem?  Market Research, Import Samples, Validation, Multiple Sales channels, build system, build team, then at last SALE! SALE! SALE! By hook or crook!

Gradually more connections with big importers and big networks started happening and a better understanding of the industry got into us. Connecting with big people from the industry-level  is key to finding yourself in a safe position and avoiding wasting time and energy. Those people will tell you and take you to many places where you never have imagined. That’s why people say “Your Network is the Net Worth”.

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