Zeblaze GTS 3 plus newly launched smartwatch

Celebrate Love With Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus, Launching on February 1st


As Valentine's Day approaches, the search for the perfect gift becomes a journey of expressing love and connection uniquely and thoughtfully. This year, consider elevating your efforts by presenting your partner with the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Smartwatcha blend of technology and sophistication that transcends traditional gift-giving. With its sleek design, advanced connectivity features, and wellness tracking capabilities, the GTS 3 Plus offers more than just a stylish accessory. GTS 3 Plus becomes a tangible expression of your commitment to their well-being and a symbol of the evolving nature of modern relationships.

Immerse into the world of smartwatch innovation as you present your loved one with the Zeblaze GTS 3 PlusGTS 3 Plus seamless connectivity ensures that you are always just a notification away, fostering a sense of closeness in today's fast-paced world. The GTS 3 Plus goes beyond the standard, including fitness and wellness tracking to create a shared journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This Valentine's Day, let the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Smartwatch be the bridge that connects your loving efforts with the cutting-edge features your partner will cherish.

The actual price of the Zeblaze GTS 3 plus smartwatch in Nepal is Rs. 5,499 but on the occasion of Love Month Brother-mart had decided to offer massive discount for 50 Customer, Stay Update for Big Discount.

Technical features of Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus

  • Display: Ultra-large 2.15-inch AMOLED, 415 x 505 pixel resolution
  • PPI: 330 Touch screen
  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • Battery capacity: 300 mAh Li-Pol
  • Battery Life: 30 days (Battery Saver Mode),15 days (Typical Usage), 7 Days (Heavy Usage)
  • Continuous voice Calling: 325 minutes
  • Health Monitoring: Heart rate Tracking, SP02, Sleep Monitoring, Breathing rate
  • Fitness Tracking: Steps count, Distance Travelled, Calories burnt and 100+ sports mode
  • Water resistance: IP68

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Lets look in more detail about Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Smartwatch

Ultra-Large High-Resolution Display: You can immerse yourself in the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus's ultra-big 2.03" HD colour display and view the data that matters to your wellness journey in pristine HD clarity. GTS 3 Plus smartwatch lets you see the bigger picture of your health and fitness. 

Whether you prefer a watch face with a traditional look or something more modern, maximize your style with the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus.

Lightweight & Stylish: The super lightweight design will feel natural with almost any of your outfits, and the skin-friendly silicone strap is comfortable to wear all day and night.
With the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus, you'll look just as smart and stylish when working out as when you're out on the town a super slim silicone strap makes you feel soft and comfortable.

Large Battery Capacity: The Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus smartwatch offers you long battery life that can last up to 15 days, 30 Days under Battery saver mode, 7 Days under Heavy usage and Up to 365 mins Continuous voice calling so that you can pack your bag with more fun stuff and fewer chargers.

Health Monitoring: This smartwatch does more than track your data and harnesses the power of health. The Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus empowers you to take charge of your health through features like all-day activity monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, and essential reminders for staying hydrated and reducing sedentary time.

Heart Rate Tracking: Stay Healthy with In-depth Health Monitoring feature which this smartwatch offers. You can enjoy highly accurate 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation, and sleep-tracking features of this smartwatch. The Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus smartwatch can also detect your breathing rate.

Fitness Tracking: This smartwatch supports 100+ Sports Modes such as Walking, running, cycling, yoga, and more. Whichever activity makes you challenge yourself, you'll likely find a sports mode for it on the Zeblaze GTS 3 plus.

More Features: You can answer incoming calls or outgoing calls via Bluetooth connection to your phone. The built-in voice assistant is always ready to assist you. Useful Features You might enjoy a huge selection of features that care for the little things in life. You can even check your watch and phone notifications in the same place by swiping up from the home screen.

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In conclusion, the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus emerges as an ideal gift for your special person, seamlessly blending style with cutting-edge technology. The sleek design, vibrant display, and comprehensive health and fitness features make it a standout choice. Beyond its practicality, Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Smartwatch becomes a symbol of your thoughtfulness and commitment to their well-being. With customizable watch faces, smart notifications, and music control, Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus goes beyond the ordinary, reflecting your understanding of their unique preferences.

As you present the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus, you're not just offering a device but you're gifting a companion that aligns with their lifestyle, a daily reminder of your appreciation and the special connection you share at just Rs. 5,499 only. Special Big Discount will be revel Soon, Stay Update.

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