Best kids watches with price in Nepal-Brothermart

Best kids watches with price in Nepal-Brothermart

A kid's watches can be the perfect gift for a parent and a gift for a children. In this post, we will discuss best watches for kids with price, features and specification in Nepal.

We are on the digital age as we are in the middle of 2023. Most of us are engaged in gadgets like smartphones, earbuds, VR and drones most of our time. The screen time of our smartphones are also rising up. Being said, smartwatches has been integral part for adults to track their health's, get important notifications, calling, video calling and more. But, when it comes to kids, parents haven't thought more about it as children's are being more inclined to smartphone and the danger of smartphone to young toddlers and kids are rising.

Why watches to kids?

Most parents might think why we should give our child a watches? So, the most important benefits of kids watches to their child are: for safety measures because of tracking features, for reducing the addiction to smartphones, for tracking their health vitals, for fun games that helps in their brain development, perfect gift alternatives to toys.

Cheapest kids watches in Nepal?

In context of Nepal, where the average family income are low, parents are looking for low budgets kids watches for their kids or for presents. Brothermart Online Shopping in Nepal has been selling affordable kids watches with great features to Nepali family from it's inception in 2016AD. The price range from NPR 300 to NPR 15000 for kids watches in Nepal.

Simple Digital watches cost NPR 300 where features like LBS, video calling, text messages, audio calling, parental controls, remote monitoring, games and more cost more starting from NPR 2,000 and up.

Below, we will be showing some of the great collections of kids watches for children's where you can buy on Brothermart in Nepal.


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