A perfect gadget to protect your kids and gifts for kids: Kids Smartwatch

A perfect gadget to protect your kids and gifts for kids: Kids Smartwatch

Are you thinking what to gift your child that has ton of benefits? Then look no further because this article will give you all the information about this unique kids watch that is perfect for gift and solves major problems for parents.

Yes! you are absolutely right. Kids smartwatch is getting more popularity among the parents all over Nepal because of it's benefits and features. Brothermart Online Shopping, a leading e-commerce company operating in Nepal since 2016 has bought two different variants of kids watch with price range from NPR 3,999 to NPR 14,999.

In this technological world, kids are becoming more addicted towards  smartphone. This huge problem can be solved by this amazing full featured kids watch. You may ask how? Let us tell you this; there are built-in entertaining games in this kids watch so kids get less screen time on their mobile phones PLUS the games on smartwatch are so fun and entertaining they will forget about smartphone. Also, these games on kids watch are focused on their brain development. YEAH! kids now will grow BETTER and SMART. Who doesn't want their kids to grow smart and compete in this rapid paced world among their colleagues.

Tracking for safety is another big thing about this kids watch, particularly in the context of Nepal where kidnapping and abduction can happen in any family. This kids watch locate the live location of your kids, no matter where they are. You can track them, speak with them, make a video call and even message them. Additional benefit is, if child feel unsecure they can click the SOS button and immediately you can prevent from wrong thing happening, just in case.

People want to gift something to their kids in their birthday or any special occasions; like toys and other cheap product which doesn't last long and also doesn't provide much value to them and their kids. But a one time investment on this kids watch have so many advantages that you can ignore it. 

Kids watch comes with multiple colours and price point with one years warranty, other features like waterproof, flashlight, calculator, Alarm clock and more.

If you are looking for gift something to your kids then you can gift this kids smartwatch today by going through the link here.

Click here to view the product of two types of kids smartwatch from Brothermart Online Shopping.

Kids watch with LBS Tracking

Kids watch with GPS Tracking

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