Best Kids Smartwatch for 2023-Features, Specifications and Price

Best Kids Smartwatch for 2023-Features, Specifications and Price

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If you are looking for the high tech Kids watch then this article will discuss the best and affordable kids smartwatch with the full list of it's features, importance, specifications and price. (Beware: Please confirm the features and specifications while buying this kids smartwatch because there are cheap kids smartwatch with no such specifications and features).

To start with, smartwatches for kids and old people can be most powerful safety tools because the smartwatch can be trackable  wherever your kids or elder people are. Parents can track their locations, their activity and even call them when necessary. The similar kind of smartwatch is discussed in this thread. 

Brother-mart has bought the super powerful and must-have smartwatch in the market which brings more safety to their parents and recommend to get one to all the parents across Nepal because of it's features and affordability. The full list of features and specification of this kids smartwatch are:

  • SOS Emergency notifications and calling 
  • Sim card Enabled
  • Location Tracking
  • Brain Development Games
  • Built-in Camera
  • Waterproof
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Alarm clock, flashlight and other cool features

If you are looking for the best Kids Smartwatch to buy in Nepal then this smartwatch can be the best fit for you because of it's safety features.

Let's discuss more about the features of this kids smartwatch in details:

  • SOS Emergency calling and Notifications: If your kids are in any inappropriate situation (God forbid), they can easily activate their SOS button so that parent will get immediate location of their kids so that parents can take immediate actions if necessary.
  • Sim Card: This kids smartwatch has sim insertion on this device. That mean you can insert your active sim card in this watch for daily use for calling purpose.
  • Location Tracking: LBS technology is renowned for it's precise location tracking. That means, wherever your kids are, may be in friends house, schools, parks or anywhere, you can easily track them and send them a messages, notifications and even call them if necessary.
  • Brain Development Games: There are multiple games for kids to ensure their proper development of brain can happen in timely manner. Plus, you have full control on how much time to give them to play with this kids smartwatch. Parents are in full control of this kids smartwatch.
  • Built-in Camera: This kids smartwatch comes with a built-in camera for photo capturing and built with 3MP camera.
  • 100% Waterproof: If your kids want to play on water most of the time, now you don't have to worry because of it's waterproof capability. Your watch is safe while playing in water.
  • 1 Year Warranty: This kids smartwatch comes with full one year manufacturer warranty so that buyer can be assured for complete one year protection.
  • Alarm Clock, Flashlight and other cool features: Comes with necessary features like alarm clock for timely wake up, flashlights, remote power off from the parents mobile, two way voice chat, battery saving mode and other cool features.

You can watch the detailed Video of Kids Smartwatch Below:

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