Cameo Fire 100 Max price in nepal

Cameo Fire 100 Max: Launch Date, Specs, Price and Offers

Hello tech lovers, Are you ready to experience sound like never before? Mark your calendars for April 26, 2024, the launch date for the Cameo Fire 100 Max! With features like advanced Artificial Intelligence Environment Noise Cancellation (AI ANC), an impressive 40 hours of playback, and rapid charging, these earbuds are designed to transform how you hear the world.

You might be curious about the pricing for the Cameo Fire 100 Max. Let's get straight to the point: for the first early customers, the price is just Rs.2,599 With Free Delivery all over Nepal. After this special offer, the standard price will settle at Rs. 2,999. You can also get additional Rs.100 discount voucher using our code "BRO100".

Take advantage of launching rates.

Cameo fire 100 max earbud price in Nepal

Quick Look: Top 5 Features of Cameo Fire 100 Max

  • Superior ENC Technology
  • Up to 40 Hours of Playback
  • Ultra-Fast Charging Capability
  • High-Fidelity Sound with 13 mm Drivers
  • Low Gaming Latency

Cameo Fire 100 Max Specification

Specification Details 
Earbuds Battery Capacity 50 mAh
Case Battery Capacity 400 mAh
Sound Driver 13 mm
Bluetooth version 5.3
Charging Type Type-C
Microphone Quad Mic System
Water Resistance IPX4
Supported Codecs SBC, AAC
Additional Features Game Mode, AIENC

High quality affordable trending earbud price in Nepal

Cameo Fire 100 Max Price in Nepal and Exclusive Offers

Cameo Fire 100 Max will be released in Nepal on April 26 Friday with exclusive offers. For the first customers, it will cost Rs. 2,599 With Free Delivery all over Nepal until the offer ends. The standard price will be Rs. 2,999. You can easily purchase this product from April 26 through our platform and get the Rs.100 discount voucher using our code "BRO100".

Model Price in Nepal Offer Price 
Cameo Fire 100 Max Rs.2,999 Rs.2,599

Why Choose Cameo Fire 100 Max?

You might be wondering why someone should go after Cameo Fire 100 Max despite having a number of options in the market. So, without further ado, let's understand the reasons for choosing Cameo Fire 100 Max:

1. Superior Sound and Noise Control

Cameo Fire 100 Max earbud is equipped with 13mm driver which gives you unparalleled audio quality that delivers crisp sound across all frequencies. The advanced Artificial Intelligence Environment Noise Cancellation (AIENC) technology lets you enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, games, and calls without any disturbance from the outside world, making it a perfect companion for travel, work, and gaming.

Cameo fire 100 Max | ENC Earbud price in Nepal

2. Long Lasting Battery Life with Quick Charging

The powerful battery life is the one that attracts more users. Cameo Fire 100 Max has the upper hand when it comes to battery life. The earbuds can last 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging case provides 40 hours of battery life. The fast charging feature is a game changer, providing 60 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of charging.

Cameo Fire 100 Max | Best earbud price in Nepal

3. Stylish and Durable Design

With options like Black, Blue and White featuring a dual-tone glossy and matte finish, anyone can easily uplift their looks. They are also built-in with IPX4 water resistance, which makes them the best choice against sweat and splashes.

Newly launched best earbuds price in Nepal

4. Seamless Connectivity: With the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the Fire 100 Max offers stable connectivity and minimizes dropouts, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted audio transmission. This makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, maintaining a strong connection regardless of your surroundings.

Cameo Fire 100 Max Seamless Connectivity Earbud Price in Nepal

5. Exceptional Value

With its competitive price and the best value it offers, the Cameo Fire 100 Max has become exceptionally valuable compared to other products in this range. Exclusive launch offers such as discounted prices and free delivery, coupled with a reassuring 6-month warranty, make these earbuds provide exceptional value. This makes them a top choice for quality-seeking audio lovers looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising performance.

Cameo Fire 100 Max Bluetooth Earbuds price in Nepal

Conclusion: Why Cameo Fire 100 Max Stands Out

As the launch date approaches, the Cameo Fire 100 Max will undoubtedly stand out as a must-have for audiophiles and everyday users. With Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), long-lasting 40-hour playback, and rapid charging capabilities, it will set a new standard in audio technology.

Designed with style and durability in mind, the Cameo Fire 100 Max is available in sleek dual-tone finishes and powerfulI PX4 water resistance. With competitive pricing and special introductory offers, they offer exceptional value.

Don't miss your chance to elevate your audio experience. Grab these earbuds on their release and hear the world differently!

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