Can it reach to the millions of kid's wrist? Why this kid's watch is better than other cheap ones?

Can it reach to the millions of kid's wrist? Why this kid's watch is better than other cheap ones?

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In this article we will discuss why this kid's smartwatch is better than other cheap ones that are in the market and can it reach to the millions of kid's across the country? Will their parents do them a justice?

We receive lot of questions on daily basis about this kid's smartwatch, as you know the market is flooded with other Cheap Chinese products that barely last for a week if not months.


Questions like: Does it have a warranty, if so how many months? Is it waterproof? Does it supports Sim card? Can parents track their child's movement, control their online activities? What's the best age to use this watch? Does it have a games that enhances the child brain power? What is the build quality and many more. In this article, Brother-mart Team who has been selling only high quality products (we don't like to ruin our reputation in market selling cheap products that doesn't last long, no one will ever buy from us again if we do so) will answer all the questions in this article.

In this technological world, parents understands that the importance of child's safety, being able to give them all the necessary tools so that their child's doesn't seem dumb in front of their friends and competitors, be smart, know all the recent advancement and be able to cope with current advancement and adopt to it and eventually when they come to real world to face the challenges, their child can compete to millions of smart children and better be in great position to live a decent or even luxurious life. Smartwatch can help in child brain development, also known as tech literacy.

One of the must-have gadgets for every parents in this generation is this kids watch. A magnificent features and specifications make this watch a clear winner to parents and also to kids.

Advantages of this Premium Kids smartwatch:

  • Equipped with the call function- Sim card enabled-Two way HD calling, call them whenever you want and wherever you want.
  • Full One year warranty- No problem if anything happens we will do full refund if anything happens within one year.
  • Perfectly designed for water resistant
  • Full LPS tracking system: Track wherever or whenever you want. You can locate them in school, playground, friends house or anywhere you name it.
  • Call them with highly advance voice calling system-As this is sim card enabled you can call them anywhere and anytime you want.
  • High Quality camera-Video call them or take a beautiful picture with HD camera built in this system.
  • Can be used by 3+ years and up
  • Games-Puzzles games and other interactive games designed to increase the logical thinking capacity, ability and increase their mind, entertain them with mind games, hand-eye coordination and many psychological benefits.
  • Multi-function and rich functions- This new version of kids smartwatch equip with super rich functions, including games, camera, video, timer, alarm clock, calculator which will create a good user experience to the children.
  • Great gift-If you have kids or have cousins/relative who are growing up then this is one of the best gift that you will be giving them in their life, they won't forget how amazing gift you are giving to them.
  • Works on 4g Network-Insert the sim and enjoy you 4g network wherever the network is available.
  • Flashlight available-Use whenever it is necessary
  • Remote power off-You can remotely power the watch off if you want your child to take off hand and eye off the watch.
  • Highly Advanced 6th generation technology for better UI and usability.
  • Reviews till now received is motivated and we believe this will benefits to thousands if not millions of children in Nepal.
kids watch

Technical Specifications of Kids smartwatch:

  • Band Material: Silica
  • Watch Material: Premium high quality durable plastic
  • Resolutions: 128px X 128px
  • Display Size: 1.44inch
  • Battery Capacity: 300-450mAh
  • Tracking System: Advance LBS system
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Camera: 0.3pixels HD camera
  • Apps: Intelligent games included
  • Parental control: Full

Other Features: 

Flashlight, SOS calling, calculator, alarm, low power warning, remote call, HD camera, voice call, enable-disable function of watch as per parents requirement, LBS tracking, waterproof, 1-year warranty, safety features like defining the range of the kids movement, advanced features that is controllable by parents phone.

The limited time offer price of this kids smartwatch is Rs 3,999. The original price was Rs 8,999. Get this deal before it's gone.

If any further question please reach out to or 9801877856. We ship all over Nepal in 2-5 business days. Thank you for reading this article for Kids Smartwatch.

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