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Special Discount Price on CCTV cameras in Nepal

If you are looking for the solutions to secure your family, property, lives and spaces then CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) security cameras can be the best solutions. As you never know when the crime happens, having the security cameras placed in your property and public spaces gives peace of mind and comfort and also evidence if any crime happens.

Introduction: CCTV Security Cameras in Nepal

There are different types of CCTV cameras from normal analog cameras to complex and sophisticated ones like IP cameras. The CCTV can be indoor and outdoor as per their usage. Some CCTV cameras are of regular type with no complex recording, the camera quality is also normal while high end IP security cameras provide high definition recording to the cloud or central recording system. As per its price you can get different quality and features of security cameras in Nepal. The price of decent CCTV security cameras in Nepal starts from Rs. 2,999.

Benefits of CCTV security cameras

When coming to the advantages of security cameras there are numerous. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Crime Prevention: Number one benefit of CCTV camera is it prevent crime from being happening as criminal fears that their activity are being recorded and can be submitted as the evidence if they are caught.
  2. Evidence Collection: CCTV security cameras can be powerful tool to collect proof of any incidence and finding the real facts which can help to identify the real information and activity that occurred. No-one can lie if cctv recorded their audio and visuals.
  3. Monitoring 24x7: This CCTV security can work instead of security guard saving thousands of rupees on salary. The alert and alarm system can give you all the warning and notifications in timely manner and it works round the clock, recording both audio and video, providing evidence of every incident.
  4. Remote access and control: Now you can easily control all the activities of your cctv cameras from mobile phones. Depending on the features of CCTV security cameras you can rotate 360 degrees from the place of installation, navigating the position, creating sound effect to deter the intruders, speaking with two way mics and can you can even turn on/off remotely through your mobile phones. You can manage your cctv security cameras in real time through your mobile devices.
  5. Be efficient: CCTV security cameras helps team be productive and efficient. When we install security cameras, people around it be alert and focus on whatever they supposed to do which ultimately increases the efficiency and management productivity. You can optimize team work and monitor their work on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Can see specific time frame and evaluate the designated area resulting in productivity of the workforce.

Best method for CCTV security installation

Place to best install CCTV security cameras are near entry door, garage, other exit door, center of the house with maximum viewing angle. Parking lots and open spaces where people movement are maximum are other places where installation of CCTV security cameras are important.

You quality of the security cameras also plays an important role because you can have bad quality of audio and video which may not fulfill the purpose of the CCTV cameras. Get the best quality with at least 1080px video resolution with audio capabilities and recording features of up to 48hours. You can later review and delete for extra storage space

Regularly maintain your CCTV so when bad things happens you can feel comfortable to provide evidence to authority to protect your family, business and property.


In this technological era, specially in Nepal where crime are increasing, having placed a decent cctv security cameras is no brainer. This tools will help to save lives, assets, property, and family. Nowadays security cameras are being advance and affordable too. We recommending not taking risk with lives, family and property and recommend to install one of these cameras around your environment

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