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Are you looking for the children smartwatch for age 4-12 years of old at affordable price? Best smartwatch that you can go for, which is build to last with tons of features and impressive designs.

Looking for a perfect smartwatch itself is a tough job. Whenever we try to get one, we aren’t satisfied with either features, looks, or price. And when it comes down to buying the kids smartwatches, it becomes far more frustrating.


Well, there aren’t even many options for a dedicated kids smartwatch. We find cute digital watches, but a true smartwatch with smart parenting features is rare.

To solve that exact problem, we have reviewed a truly kids smartwatch in this article. It is the perfect kids smartwatch for ages 4-12 years available in Nepal.

Review: LBS Kids Smartwatch:


The LBS Kids Smartwatch is the ultimate smartwatch for kids. It has important parenting features and is built just for children.

So, in this article, let’s take a detailed look into it.

  • Build & Design

The watch has a lively, colorful design available in many color options. The case is made up of plastic, while the band is made of silicon and is detachable. The LBS kids smartwatch has a square-shaped screen of 1.44 inches. The watch is waterproof with an IP68 rating. However, it can’t be worn in soaking water or while bathing or swimming.

  • Specs & Performance

The watch has RAM of 128 MB and storage of 128 MB as well. Though it sounds like very low specs on paper, it is more than enough for a smartwatch. It also has a SIM tray and supports a micro SIM card. There’s no app to connect with the phone; however, you can sync the data. It also has several other features, like location-based alerts, learning games, etc.

  • Navigation

Now let’s talk about navigation. Although the watch doesn’t have GPS, it has other positioning tools like SOS or LBS positioning. You can keep track of your kid’s activities. If the kid exceeds the preset geographical range, the parents will receive a notification with the alert. The parents can customize this range according to the requirements. Similarly, with the SOS button, the kids can send an alert to their parent’s phones if they are in some sort of danger.

  • Communication

The watch supports a 2g micro SIM card that allows the watch to call the parent’s cell phone. Similarly, the parents can monitor and access the camera embedded on the rear side of the watch. You can set the number for incoming and outgoing calls and for the voice message through the mobile app. There is also an inbuilt microphone to support the calling feature.

  • Display

The 1.44 inches HD Clear display helps build the watch’s interactive child-friendly UI and UX. With the help of this display, the kids can play interactive learning games on the watch itself.

  • Battery

The watch has a battery of 300-450 mAh, which can last for more than a week after a full charge. It includes the magnetic charger to charge the device to last the next week.

Major Features:

The LBS Kids watch offers various helpful features for both the kids and the parents. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Flashlight

The watch has a bright flashlight to help your kid locate things in the dark.

  • Built-In Camera 

The 2 MP rear camera that it features can capture images and also support remote access that the parents can use from the mobile app.

  • SOS Button 

The SOS button comes in handy when the child is in danger. He/She can press the button to send messages to their parents in case of an emergency.

  • Built-In Microphone 

The watch features a built-in microphone to power audio messages and calls between the parent’s device and the watch. As a safety feature, the stranger numbers cannot call the watch. However, friends can be added to the list enabling them to send/receive calls.

  • Interactive Learning Games 

The interactive learning games can entertain the kids while giving them valuable lessons in the meantime.

  • LBS Positioning 

Though the watch doesn’t have any GPS positioning, it does have the LBS positioning feature, which can track the watch’s activities and location and send the data to the parent’s phone. You can also set a geographical threshold. It sends an alert to the parent’s mobile phone if your kid goes beyond the range.

  • Alarm Clock 

Like any other standard watch, it also has alarm clocks and remainder features. This feature helps to wake your kid early and help them organize a productive lifestyle.

  • Customizable Geo-Range 

The Geo-range for alerts can be customized according to the needs. You can select the permitted areas according to the need. With the LBS location tracking, the watch sends you an alert if your kid exceeds the geo-range you have set.

  • Remote Access to the Camera 

Yes, you can have remote access to the rear camera on the watch from anywhere and anytime with the help of the mobile application. You can also capture images remotely.

  • SIM Support & Calling 

Since the watch supports a micro SIM, you can use it to communicate with your kids. The watch can call parents’ numbers and send SMS and audio messages.

What Comes in the Box?

If you plan to get this watch, you might want to know what kinds of stuff are included. So, here’s the list of every item included in the package:

  • Smartwatch
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

So, that’s it. This is what you get inside the box of LBS Kids Watch.

Price & Availability:

The LBS kids watch is available in the Nepali market at a pricey amount of Rs.8,999. However, with Brother-Mart’s exclusive limited time offer, you can get this watch for just Rs. 4,999.

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To conclude, the LBS Kids Watch is a great buy if you are looking for the perfect smartwatch for your kid. With features like LBS positioning, geo-threshold alert, calling, and messaging, it is a great device to track your kids’ activities and safety. For its safety features, kids-friendly design, and navigation, it is a no-brainer buy to declare it the best kids smartwatch in Nepal.

Though it has a huge price tag, you can grab this Dashain deal to get it for almost half the price. So, this was it for the review of the LBS Kids Smartwatch for ages 4-12 Years.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

Happy Reading!

Author- Gaurav Dhakal (Brother-mart)

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