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Are you planning to build a home theatre this holiday? Well, the term “Home Theatre” itself sounds very expensive. You might imagine it as a mini cinema hall with luxurious chairs, a huge TV screen, or even a popcorn machine. But you can get a similar experience in your own house without spending a huge amount. Wondering how? The projectors. No, not the huge expensive ones but the affordable mini projectors. In this article, we will explain how a projector can turn your room into a theatre and suggest some best mini projectors for home theatre. 

If you plan on getting a good quality mini projector on a budget, you can find the best deals from Brother-Mart. You can find the perfect match for you and your family, starting from Rs. 4,300 to Rs. 15,000. The wide range of portable budget projectors can massively boost your entertainment experience. We offer some of the best mini projectors for home theatre.

Now, let’s briefly examine some of the best collections.

UNIC T7 Mini LED Projector 


Let’s talk about the UNIC T7 Mini LED Projector first. The T7 Mini is a high-resolution LED Projector with sharp image projection. It has a solid build that can last years if you handle it with care. The brightness is sufficient for watching a movie and can provide a good experience watching vibrant colours.

The projector can be set up in smaller rooms as well since the projector has a short-focus design with a projection size of up to 140 inches. The projector is lightweight and easy to carry. It supports 720p HD resolution, and the picture is very clear and lively. 

Price & Availability:

The market price of the Unic T7 Mini in Nepal is Rs. 19,999. But with Brother-Mart’s Tihar offer, you can get this product at 30% off for just Rs. 14,499

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UNIC T10 LED FULL HD 1080P Lumens Projector 4000



The second spot on our collection is occupied by the UNIC T10. This projector features 1080p HD streaming quality and can be the best mini projector for Netflix and chilling. Since it is equipped with HDMI, USB, AC, AUDIO, and U-Disk, it is versatile for most devices. It also has built-in stereo speakers. However, you can also connect external speakers or headphones to the projector.

Moving on, it has an Android system which can connect mobile phones wirelessly and also supports YouTube and OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The small-sized projector weighs just 1.4 kg and thus is portable. 

Price & Availability:

The UNIC T10 normally costs Rs. 22,999 in the Nepali market, but with the Tihar offer at Brother-Mart, you can get it for just Rs. 17,399

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Full HD Mini Projector T4 


The T4 projector is a high-quality LED projector having 1080p Full HD quality. It supports the Android system, has WIFI connectivity, and can be connected to smartphones. You can also use Youtube directly from the projector. It comes with a built-in speaker system as well. The projector’s clean and minimal UI helps new users easily use its various features and functions.

HDMI, USB, AV, and AUX ports offer wider connectivity options. The projector can work with smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, TV sticks, Chromecast, and so on. It also supports external storage devices like USB drives and SD cards to display videos, images, and other files.

Its Air duct shaping reduces wind noise and fear of a high-temperature environment, ensuring a long-term operation. It has a remote control, and the rear and front IR sensors make the remote control seamless.

Price & Availability

The price of this projector in the Nepali market is Rs. 10,499. However, brother-mart can provide you with just Rs. 8,999.

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T200 1500LM 1920x1080P LED Mini Projector 



The T200 1500LM is another great mini projector on this list. It is super affordable and can be a good fit as a projector for Home Theater. The T200 has built-in speakers but can also support external headphones or sound systems if you want more crisp and clear sound in your mini theatre.

The product comes with an LCD image system and LED lamps. It has a brightness of 12-18 ANSI Lumens which should be more than enough for your needs. It has a native resolution of 320x180 while the maximum resolution is 1920x1080, making the projector perfect for various screen sizes.

Since the projector has less than 25dB of noise, you can have a good movie or sports-watching experience. It has a circular design with a lightweight build of just 200g so that you can carry it around in your backpack. You get USB cables and remote control as accessories.

Price & Availability:

Being one of the cheap mini-projectors available in Nepal, the price of this mini projector in the Nepali market is Rs. 7,999, but you can claim the Tihar offer at Brother-mart and get it for just Rs. 4,299.

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So, these are our selections of the best mini projectors in Nepal. You can use these products to build a little home theatre without spending a huge amount. With both Cricket and Football Worldcup coming soon, you might want to hurry up as these projectors may not last in stock for a long time.


In this article, we discussed why getting a mini projector for your Home Theatre can be a smart move and also talked about some of the best mini projectors for Home Theatre in Nepal. You can watch movies, TV shows, Sports, and whatnot in these mini projectors that best suit small families.

With the sports season knocking on the doors, you can create a good theatre-like environment in your home without spending much money. And what else could be a better way to bring the whole family together on this holiday? We hope that you find our selection of the best mini projectors for home theatre useful.

Happy Tihar and Happy Reading!

Author: Gaurav Dhakal (Brother-mart)

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