Why old people need smartwatches: Advantages and Disadvantages

Why old people need smartwatches: Advantages and Disadvantages

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In this article we will discuss, do our old generations people like uncle/aunt, dad, mom or even grand father and grand mother need smartwatches? What are their major advantages and disadvantages of these smart gadgets on them. Can you gift them? How much does it cost? We will try to answer most of your doubts.

In this digital world, everything is getting digitalized from online shopping, online food ordering, travelling, ticketing, movie renting to online marriage. This digital platform and internet has created an immense possibilities for human to reach to the new height of advancement and living a lifestyle. 

Advantages of Smartwatches to Older People:

  •  Get help during emergency situations: We all can agree that most of the time our loved one won't be around us and we can't help them when they are in needs. Some latest smartwatches comes with this features where they can get immediate help in a push of a button. This can provide a major relieve to the older people who are away from their loved ones and have to take care of them by themselves. It can be a perfect gift for them.
  • Notifications for Medications: Smartwatches can send reminders to older people who often time forget to take their medication through alarms and notifications. This is another major must have reason to older people.
  • Health and Safety Features: Not only to older people, we believe this applies to most of us all, activity tracking, heart rate, oxygen level and also reminder to take a walk. These features makes it no brainer to have a smartwatch (good ones) to track our daily health activity. 
  • Convenience: Major reason for convenience is that older people don't have to take their smartphones or mobile phones out of their bags or pocket. Simply look at your smartwatch for recent trends, notifications, or anything related. Even some smartwatches have a feature to make and receive a call directly from their smartwatches itself.
  • Social Connections: Last but not the least reason to have a smartwatch for older people is to have connections in digital community. Majority of us are on social platforms and reaching to our loved ones are just one tap away. Additionally, smartwatches make them even better with their awesome features like, messaging, call, even posting on social media. Checking emails, notifications, and many more.

Disadvantages of Smartwatches to old people:

  • Privacy Concerns: People might not be aware that most of the electronics gadgets collects their personal information directly and/or indirectly which can be a major disadvantages for people looking for smartwatches.
  • Complex UI: Some smartwatches are complex to use as our older people are from old generation and they are not so familiar with all the new tech gadgets so it might be difficult for them to be familiar with all the applications and features on the smartwatch.
  • Cost: Cost can be the another factor depending on the customer and who are buying it. Many high end featured smartwatch cost from Rs5000 and up which can be a huge barrier for the people with low budgets.

Hope you found this information useful and helpful about the advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches to our older people. If you want to gift smartwatches to your loved one please contact us or purchase here. If you need any help finding better smartwatches according to your needs and budgets you can also contact us at +977-9801877856 or email us at info@brother-mart.com.

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