Smartwatch Price in Nepal: Everything You Need to Know

Smartwatch Price in Nepal: Everything You Need to Know

Smartwatch is a piece of accessory used by many people nowadays, and they offer various inbuilt features that help make people’s day-to-day life easier. These smartwatches have recently had a huge demand in the Nepali market. So, if you’re also a smartwatch lover, you might want to know about smartwatch price in Nepal.

Some of the brands popular for smartwatches in Nepal are Amazfit, Apple, Haylou, Mi, T500, Samsung, Fire Boltt, Doogee CR1 and various others. These smartwatches carry an average price tag between Rs 999 to Rs 25000, and some smartwatches cost up to NRs 40,000 as well. 

As the name smartwatch suggests, it really is smart in terms of features. So, buying a smartwatch is worth it if you want something that can help you work smartly. 

Hence, this article informs you about the smartwatch price in Nepal and why it costs so. This can help you decide if you’re looking to buy a smartwatch. 

So, let’s get started.  

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Why Get a Smartwatch?

Many people think smartwatches are of no use. This is due to the lack of a clear idea of all the capabilities the smartwatch possesses. Exclusive features like a heartbeat sensor, pressure sensor, text and call from the smartwatch are some reasons to get a smartwatch. Also, they are quite trendy to wear a smartwatch around your wrist. Along with the improvement of technology, yielding its benefits is essential. 

There are various other reasons that justify buying a smartwatch. Smartwatches are not just for looking time; they are a true travel buddy with maps and navigation features. They also help you find your phone if lost. Also, a smartwatch can be a good fitness tracker for you. The features for counting steps, heart rate, pulse rate, distance, sleep and other metrics help you stay healthy. Smartwatches are best for people involved in various sports, especially swimmers, if they get a waterproof model. 

Factors Affecting Smartwatch Price in Nepal

We already know the average price range to expect in Nepal while buying a smartwatch. But what are the factors that affect the price of a smartwatch?

Below are some factors that contribute to determining the price of a smartwatch. 

  • Brand

The value a brand holds in setting a price of a smartwatch is strong. The brand value is the sole reason a similar smartwatch from a bigger brand is more expensive than one from a smaller brand. They might be similar in terms of features, but the brand value makes them differ in price.  

  • Looks

Looks are also another factor that sets the prices of a smartwatch. If a lot of effort and budget are employed to make a smartwatch look really good, it will obviously be expensive. As the looks of a smartwatch is a trendsetter and also a measure of fashion, brands capitalize on the looks of the smartwatch to set their prices. 

  • Features

The looks of a smartwatch is one reason why it’s pricey. But, looks is not the only reason why it costs so. Brands integrate various useful features along with the looks for people to get attracted to their product. Today, even basic smartwatches have the best features within them. They help you in your daily activities by tracking essential metrics such as heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, movement, GPS, and many more

  • Battery Life & Compatibility

With a single charge, a smartwatch can last for several days. Some smartwatches even last for 14 days on a single charge, such as the Amazfit GTS 2. 

Another essential factor that contributes to the price of a smartwatch is the compatibility it holds. If the smartwatch is really convenient and easily adapts to your existing requirements, it will be a little costly to own. 

  • User Experience & Reviews

Smartwatch stays in contact with your body most of the time during the day. So, the experience while using it matters a lot. If it’s comfortable for users and is pretty well adapted to their requirements, it will definitely have some good reviews. And many people rely on user reviews to buy a product online. Hence, brands also consider these reviews to set an appropriate price for their products. 

Prices of Various Smartwatch in Nepal

Getting your hands on the best smartwatch available can be confusing for you. So, below is a table with the price range for various smartwatches made available by Brother Mart in Nepal. 



Haylou LS05 Original Solar Smart Watch LS05 Heart Rate Sleep Monitor IP68 Waterproof 1 Year Warranty

NRs 4,499

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch with 1.55" AMOLED Display, GPS (Black, Rose Pink)

NRs 10,499

T500 Smart Watch Full Touch Screen Bluetooth Wristwatch

NRs 1,199

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Men Women

NRs 5,999

Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch with Calling function SPO2 Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Mode Alarm

NRs 18,999

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smart Bluetooth Call Alexa GPS Wifi, 150 Sports Modes 1 Year Warranty

NRs 28,499

Amazfit Gts 2 mini New Version Smartwatch 68+Sports Modes Sleep Monitoring Smart Watch

NRs 10,499

Zeblaze GTR 2 Smart Watch Receive/Make Call Health & Fitness Monitor Long Battery Life

NRs 4,997


In this article, we talked about the smartwatch price in Nepal. Also, we already know why it is beneficial to buy a smartwatch and the factors that affect its price. Various factors such as brand value, looks, features, battery life, compatibility, user review and experiences help to set a price for a smartwatch. Smartwatch is not just a time-showing device nowadays; it has various features making it a complete go-to accessory.

The above table from Brother Mart displays the best smartwatches along with their prices. You can make a decision to buy a smartwatch if you’re looking for one. Just make sure you have your requirements set and look for one matching those requirements.

If you found this article valuable, share it with your friends and family. Also, do let us know anything you have to say in the comments below. 

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