Ultima Atom 720 Launching Price in Nepal, Specification and Features

Ultima Atom 720 Launching Price in Nepal, Specification and Features

Are you ready to experience Ultima Supreme Sound "Dynamic Audio with Deep Bass and Clear Highs" in UV-coated tone design Bluetooth Earbuds from a Nepali brand? If so, Mark your calendar for July 7 as Ultima is launching its new Bluetooth earbud, adding one more earbud in the Atom series, "Ultima Atom 720". The Atom 820 features 2Eq modes, 13mm dynamic drivers, 50 hours of total playtime with a 4ENC mic for clear calling and IPX4 water resistance.

Let's get to a straight point regarding the Price of Ultima Atom 720 earbuds. The Ultima Atom 720 earbud Price in Nepal is Rs.2,899. But, Don't worry! You can get Atom 720 at just Rs.1,899 at its launching price. Using coupon code "Bro200", you can get an extra discount on the launching price made exclusively for you. Don't miss out on this introductory rate.

Ultima Atom 720 Price in Nepal

Quick Look: Top 5 Features of Ultima Newly launched Earbuds

  • Dual tone design witha UV Coated finish
  • 2EQ Modes with 13mm Dynamic Drivers
  • 50 hours Long Playtime
  • 4 Mic with ENC Calling Experience
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
Ultima Atom 720 Truly wireless bluetooth earbuds

Ultima Atom 720 Specification

Specification Details 

Driver: 13mm Dynamic driver

Sound: Ultima Supreme Sound (Dynamic Audio Experience with Deep Bass & Clear Highs)

Audio Codecs: AAC/SBC

Number of Mic: 4 Mics with ENC

Noise Cancellation: Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

EQ Modes: 2 EQ (Bass | Signature)

Rampage Mode: 50ms Low Latency 


Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Charging case) | 40mAh (Earbuds)

Battery Life: Up to 50hrs at 60% Volume (Charging case) | Up to 6 Hours at 60% Volume (Earbuds)

Charging Time: 3 hours (Case) | 35 minutes (Earbuds)

Charging Technology: 3C BOOST Charging

BOOST Charge: 10 Mins Charge = 150 Mins Playtime 


Built: Dual Tone with UV Coated Finish

Design: Iconic Curvy Body with Open-fit Design

Fit: Flawlessly Tailored Snug Fit

Water Resistance: IPX4 Water Resistance 


Bluetooth version: 5.4

Bluetooth Profiles: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

Compatibility: Android, iOS & Windows

Voice Assistant: Google and Siri 

Touch control

Pairing Tech: Swift Pair Tech

Controls Touch: Silk Touch

Controls Feature: Play, Pause, Next, Forward, Answer & End Calls 


Space Black

Space Gold

Reason To Choose Ultima Atom 720 Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

Choosing the perfect earbud among several Bluetooth earbuds in Nepal is complex. And here is a million-dollar question "Why should you choose Ultima Atom 720 Bluetooth earbuds?" despite having several choices in the Nepalese market? Here is the reason why you should choose the Ultima Atom 720 earbud among other earbuds in Nepal:

1. Unique design and build: The Ultima Atom 720 earbud features a two-tone colour scheme, and UV coating adds durability and a sleek look. The curved design earbud allows a comfortable open-fit style, ensuring that the earbuds fit perfectly in your ears. The surface has a reflective, mirror-like finish, adding to its premium appearance.

Ultima Atom 720 iconic deign earbuds in Nepal

2. Impressive sound quality: The Atom 720's 13mm dynamic driver offers a dynamic audio experience with enhanced bass and clear frequencies. The built-in 2 EQ modes (Bass and Signature mode) customize the sound according to your choice.

Ultima Atom 720 Earbuds Dynamic Driver

3. Seamless connectivity: The Ultima Atm 720 utilizes Bluetooth version 5.4 for quick and table connections. Compatible with advanced audio codecs like AAC and SBC for high-definition sound, the Atom 720 works seamlessly with Android, iOS and Windows.

Ultima Atom 720 Seamless Connectivity Bluetooth Earbuds

4. Long Playtime: The Ultima Atom 720 earbud offers a battery life of up to 50 hours of total playtime with 60% volume and up to 6 hours on a single charge at 60% volume. The earbuds provide up to 5.5 hours of talk time on 3 hours of a single charge with a Type-C Charging interface. The earbud offers a rapid charging feature where 10 minutes of charge provides 150 minutes of playtime.

Ultima Atom 720 Bluetooth Earbuds 50 hours Playtime
5. Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Equipped with 4 microphones (2 on each earbud), the Atom 720 supports Environmental Noise Cancellation to reduce background noise during calls. The low latency mode with a 50ms response time, is ideal for gaming, designed for long-term use without causing discomfort. Comes with additional silicone ear tips, the earbuds ensure a snug fit.
Ultima Atom 720 Advance ENC Quad Mics

6. High Durability: The IPX4 water resistance feature in Ultima Atom 720 offers protection against water splashes, making it suitable for use during workouts or in light rain. The Ultima Atom 720 features effective slik touch controls for playing or pausing music, skipping tracks, answering/ending calls, and accessing voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.

Ultima Atom 720 earbud durability

Ultima Atom 720 Earbuds Price in Nepal and Availability

Ultima Atom 720 will be released in Nepal on July 7 with a heavy discount. The official price of Ultima Atom 720 is Rs.2,899, but you can get this earbud at just Rs.1,899 on its launching date. Using coupon code "Bro200", you can get an extra discount on the launching price made especially for you. Visit Brother-mart for the best deals on earbuds today and for the best price of Ultima Atom 720 Earbuds in Nepal.


Price in Nepal

Launching Price

Coupon code

Ultima Atom 720 NPR. 2,899 NPR. 1,899 "Bro200"


As launching day approaches, Ultima Atom 720 will undoubtedly stand out as a must-have gadget for gamers and audio lovers for everyday use. With Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC), long-lasting 50-hour playback, and 3C Boost charging capabilities, it will set a new standard in audio technology.

Designed with style and durability, the Ultima Atom 720 comes in UV Coating dual-tone finishes and boasts IPX4 water resistance. With competitive pricing and special launching prices, they offer exceptional value. Don't miss your chance to elevate your audio experience. Grab these earbuds on their release and hear the world differently from Brother-mart!

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