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Haylou Solar Lite

Haylou Solar Lite

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Buy Haylou Solar Lite Smart Watch | 1.38'' Display Bluetooth 5.3 | 100+ Watch faces,  Heart Rate Monitor | 20 Days Endurance Smartwatch


  • Brand: Haylou
  • Model name: Haylou Solar Lite Smart Watch
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Screen shape: Round
  • Dimensions: 46x46x9.9m
  • Battery life: 10 days (all-day heart monitoring)
  • App name: Haylou Fun
  • App Download Available: Yes
  • Rom: 128MB
  • Sim card available: Yes
  • language: English
  • Resolution: 240x240px
  • Battery Capacity: 240mAh
  • Dustproof and waterproof rating: Ip68
  • Device requirements: Android/iOS
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Features of the Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch

  1. Stylish Watch Faces: The watch comes with over 100 online watch faces. You can also customize the watch face with your favourite picture and define your style.
  2. Large Display, Amazing Visual Experience: Metallic circular bezel, Classic design, and fine texture. Touch control & physical button, Simple and easy operation.
  3. 100 Workout Modes, Efficient Workouts: The watch supports 100 workout modes for even more choices. The upgraded high-precision motion sensor can accurately record your workout data.
  4. IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof: Support IP68 waterproof rating. You can wash your hands without taking your watch off. Just enjoy your workouts with its enhanced water resistance.
  5. Scientific Sleep Monitoring: The watch automatically records sleep duration, sleep depth, REM, etc., helping you know more about what's happening during your sleep to develop healthier sleep habits.
  6. Blood Oxygen Testing: Always worry about your blood oxygen status. Solar Lite can dynamically track your blood oxygen status even at nighttime, providing a better picture of your physical condition.
  7. 24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring: It accurately monitors you even during high-intensity workouts with optimized hardware optical path and algorithm. It will vibrate upon detecting a high heart rate with heart rate alerts.
  8. Female Menstrual Cycle Management: Companionship in Special Times. Get predictions and reminders for upcoming fertile and menstrual periods. Live elegantly and without worry.
  9. 20-day Battery Life: It can last for more than a week when fully charged. Basic usage mode can take up to 20 days, so you don't have to be inconvenienced by frequent charging.
  10. Incoming Call Reminder: Calls, WeChat, and various APP information can be synced with the watch in real time after connecting to the phone through Bluetooth. Get reminders for every important moment.
Haylou smartwatch price in Nepal
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Benefits of the Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch 

  • 10-day Battery life: With one full charge, the watch can be used for more than one week in daily mode and about 20 days in long battery life mode. no need to take the charger for a short trip.
  • 10 days(Daily usage mode):connected to the phone via Bluetooth; default 50% brightness; 24 hour heart rate monitoring; spo2 tracking twice a day; sleep monitoring; exercise three times a week(30 minutes each time); raise to wake 150 times a day(5s each time); 100 message notifications a day.
  • Basic mode: phone Bluetooth connection, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other functions turned off; only raise to wake 150 times a day(5s each time)
  • Fitness Tracking: The Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch is a reliable companion for fitness enthusiasts. It comes equipped with advanced fitness tracking features, including a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker. The heart rate monitor accurately measures your heart rate during workouts or daily activities, helping you gauge the intensity of your exercises. The sleep tracker analyzes your sleep patterns, monitoring your sleep duration and quality. 
  • Smart Notifications: By connecting the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can receive notifications directly on your wrist. Whether it's incoming calls, text messages, social media updates, or app notifications, you can conveniently view and respond to them without needing to take out your phone. This feature keeps you informed and connected while on the move, making it easier to manage your digital interactions.
  • Water and Dust Resistance: The Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch is designed to withstand various environmental conditions. With its IP68 rating, the watch is water-resistant up to a certain depth and is protected against dust and dirt. you can wear it during workouts, outdoor activities, or even in wet conditions without worrying about damage. The water and dust resistance ensure the durability of the smartwatch, making it suitable for an active lifestyle.
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Product Description

The Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch is a fashionable smartwatch to improve your daily life. It integrates into your lifestyle because of its clean shape and innovative features. Stay connected with phone and message notifications, check your heart rate and fitness progress, and track your sleep habits. The solar-powered battery lasts for a long time and is resistant to water and dust. The Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch, your ultimate companion for a connected and active lifestyle, represents the future of wearable technology.

Fitness Tracker

Note: To connect this Smartwatch with your phone. First, you need to download the App. The App's name is Haylou Fun. you can find the App easily on the Play Store or Appstore. After that, you can connect your phone with a smartwatch and get access to its amazing features.

Packaging lists

  • 1x Smartwatch
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x user manual


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Ashim Gurung
Haylou solar lite

mailey smartwatch laguna thaley ko lagbhag 2 years jati huna lagyo. mailey agadi bata nai haylou ko smart watch haru ko barema ma bhujey ko thiyea aja chai finally use gardai xu. dherai jaso mailey feel garey ko problem chai battery ma thiyo tara yo haylou ko solar lite ma chai battrey health dherai days samma diney rahey xa ra aru features haru pani best lagyo.