How Brother-mart Sold 10,000+ Products All over Nepal with 1500+ Positive Reviews?

How Brother-mart Online Shopping-One of the best online shopping in Nepal sold 10,000+ products all over Nepal with more than 1500+ positive reviews and counting.

"The question always arises how come from the developing country like Nepal, where people have so low purchasing power "many of them are window shoppers and asking PP,  just wasting their and ours time with low penetration on online business making this much of success where many businesses are struggling to make an impact?"  

In this article Brother-mart will try to provide as much details as possible so that "you" the retail consumers can have in depth idea on how is gaining the trust with 10,000+ sales and 1500+ positive reviews from all over Nepal. More to be achieved in coming days.

There is a saying "In between what you want and what you dream there is tremendous amount of work that you need to put on"  which in general, people from outside don't care, even if they care they don't want to anticipate on that statement, they just want to see the end result, which looks really fascinating from outside.

We already knew and the data also supported us that every year online users were growing in tremendous rate and predictions from the metrics like; mobile sales rate and internet reach among Nepalese were also drastically increasing across the channels like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest to name a few. It was no brainer that if we provide better service and better value to this rapidly adaptable audience then we can gain some market share in this digital "gold rush" era.

Immediately after our inception, we saw the rapid surge on demand for the products like cell phone, smartwatches, other electronic gadgets, fashion apparels and some of the few other trending products. Immediately, we took action and implemented our plans and started rapidly growing across all the channels like: Google, Facebook and all other leading marketplaces where they were attracting consumers to their platform to sell products to general publics. The adaptable millions of public trusted us and gave us a chance and we tried our best to not miss this chance, then the more order started flowing.

The more demand on the market, the more sales started coming through. Not only that, being a business person on the competitive market like Nepal where public always looking for discounts and cheap products, the task was even harder with being said having limited resources and capital. 

Thousands of native brothers and sisters fleeing home country far from their friends, family and community for better life every months, seeing no future in Nepal, no stable income and no any plans by the county for them made our plan even harder as the most literate consumers were on the track to leave the country. But we kept pushing on our guts and plans.

Some of the marketing tactics like sending coupon code on their order package for their next purchase, giving free shipping on next purchase, running online campaigns, giving more discounts when buying more than one products, trying to increase the total order value, giving more deals and discounts, gaining referrals from word of mouth, inbound, outbound marketing, after sales support, offline events, social events, business to business sales strategy, influencer marketing, digital organic and paid marketing plan and top of it Affiliate marketing where we share profit with our partners if they help us to bring more sales.

The trying, testing, experimenting throughout this journey was really interesting, challenging and fun. It wouldn't be possible if public like you who trusted us, bought from us not only once but many many times. Left a positive reviews across different channels like Google, Facebook and other third party marketplaces.

We have confidence that many millions of consumers across the channel Online/Offline, where we still are not able to reach will be surprised from the amount of dedication from our team for better service, competitive pricing, quality product, fast delivery and best after sales support.

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