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Best Earbuds under Rs. 2,000 in Nepal [2024 Updated]

Buy best earbud under Rs2000 in Nepal

Recent years, you can get best pair of earbuds in Nepal at affordable prices.

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds under Rs.2,000 to buy in Nepal then this blog post will answer your questions. We are recommending some of the best earbuds with tons of features in earbuds like bluetooth, wireless, good build quality, sound quality and warranty.

In this article we mainly discuss about the Nepalese brand earbuds such as My PowerUltima, Gravity, Ryte, Alewa and Asta Wolf earbuds. 

Below is the list of best earbuds under Rs 2,000 that you can buy in Nepal.

S.No Bluetooth Earbuds Actual Price Offer Price
1. Asta Wolf Cobra Rs.2,999 Rs.1,499
2. Gravity Airshot Bassbuds Pro Rs.2,999 Rs.1,949
3. Ultima Atom 820 Rs.2,999 Rs.1,949
4. Ryte A20 Rs.2,999 Rs.1,499
5. Alewa Bassbuds Rs.2,999 Rs.1,999
6. Asta Wolf Sleek Rs.2,999 Rs.1,790
7. Ultima atom 320 Rs.2,899 Rs.1,999
8. Asta Wolf Era Rs.3,499 Rs.1,990
9. QCY T2C Rs.2,600 Rs.1,899
10. My Power MT32C Rs.1,799


1. Asta Wolf Cobra

lightweight and comfortable earbud in nepal

Introducing AstaWolf's Newly Launched premium truly Wireless earbuds with Bluetooth V5.3+EDR technology, Asta Wolf Cobra earbuds provide a seamless and stable connaction, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes without interruptions or dopouts. Whether you will be in a noisy area or on a crowded bus, the connection remains rock-solid, delivering exceptional audio quality. One of the standout features of Asta Wolf earbuds is its extended playtime. With up to 5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge, you can engage in your favourite playlists or podcasts all day. The charging case gives you a total playtime of an impressive 20+ hours, which means you can confidently take earbuds on long trips or use them throughout your busy workday without worrying about running out of battery compatible with iOS and Android devices. So it does not matter what smartphone or tablet you use, take out your earbuds and seamlessly pair them and enjoy high-quality sound.

The actual price of Asta Wolf Cobra Earbud is Rs.2,999, but you can get it at just Rs.1,499 from Brother-mart.

Technical Features of AstaWolf Cobra

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3 + EDR
  • Operating Distance: 10 meters
  • Driver: 10 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 240mAh (Charging case), 30mAh (earbuds)
  • Battery Life: 20 hours (With charging case), 5 hours (earbuds)
  • Charging Time: 90 minutes (with charging case), 60 minutes (earbuds)
  • Charging Interface: Type-C
  • Water-resistance: IPX4 Sweat & Water resistance

2. Gravity Airshot Bassbuds Pro

Affordable Earbuds available at Brothermart

The Gravity Airshot BassBuds Pro features in-ear silicone ear tips with IPX5 water resistance, making BassBuds Pro the best to use even for outdoor activities. The case adopts a squircle shape, resembling a suitcase when opened, and the audio experience with 13mm dynamic drivers and environmental noise cancellation technology for better call quality.

The low latency gaming mode of 45 ms makes Gravity Airshot Bassbuds Pro more impressive. Also, Gravity BassBuds Pro claims up to 5 hours of music playback on a single charge and a rapid charging feature that provides 100 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging. The USB Type-C charging port adds to the convenience. Gravity Airshot BassBuds pro earbuds offer you touch control, making earbuds more hands-free. Single Tap to play/pause or receive a call, Double tap to call, stop or reject a call, or play the next or previous song, and hold on for 1.5 seconds to hold to active voice assistant and tap four times to activate and deactivate game mode at just Rs. 1,949 in Ash Black and Royal Blue colour.

Technical features of Gravity Airshot Bassbuds Pro

  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Driver: 13mm Dynamic Driver
  • Audio Decode: SBC, AAC
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Playback Time: 45 hours with Case at 60% volume
  • Number of Mics: Clear call quality with 4 mics and ENC Technology
  • Battery Capacity: 400 mAh (Charging Case) | 40 mAh (Earbuds)
  • Earbud Charging Time: 1 hour (Earbud) | 1.5 hours (Charging Case)
  • Rapid charge 10Mins = 100 Min Playback (Type-C)
  • Durability: IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Gaming latency: 45 ms

3. Ultima Atom 820

Ultima Atom 820 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Introducing the Ultima Atom 820 Earbuds to transform your listening pleasure with a powerful Bluetooth version 5.3, offering a seamless and Powerful connection within a 10-meter range, ensuring you stay wirelessly connected to your favourite devices. Immerse yourself in a world of crystal-clear sound, courtesy of the 13mm drivers and an expansive frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz, delivering rich, detailed audio across various genres.

The IPX5 water-resistant design ensures durability, making Ultima atom 820 earbuds your reliable companion for workouts and everyday adventures. With features like Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), IWP Tech for instant pairing, and compatibility with Google and Siri voice assistants, the Ultima atom 820 earbuds redefine convenience, functionality, and audio excellence. The gaming mode with a low latency of 60ms ensures a lag-free and immersive gaming experience, perfect for gamers on the go. The ASAP Charging feature allows you to enjoy 150 minutes of playtime with just a quick 10-minute charge, ensuring your music keeps pace with your changing lifestyle, offering a universal solution for audio lovers at just Rs.1,899 in Grey and Royal Blue Colour.

Technical Features of Ultima Atom 820

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
  • Transmission Range: 10 Meters
  • Durability: IPX5 Water Resistance
  • Gaming Mode: 60ms Low Latency
  • Driver Size: 13mm
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh (Charging Case) | 35mAh (Earbuds)
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours at 70% Volume (Earbuds) | Talktime 4.5Hrs
  • Total Playtime: Upto 25hrs at 70% Volume
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes (Earbuds) | 1.5 hours (Charging Case)
  • ASAP Charging 10Mins Charge = 150Mins Playtime
  • Technology: Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) | IWP Tech (Instant Wake N Pair)
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Devices
  • Controls Feature: Play, Pause, Next, Forward, Answer & End Calls

4. Ryte A20

Ryte Earbuds at Affordable price

The Ryte A20 Bluetooth earbud is small and comfortable to carry wherever you want and gives you a very comfortable pocket fit. The Ryte A20 wireless earbuds provide up to 4 hours of playing time on each charge of the buds and, with the charging case, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of supporting touch control to pause/play/switch songs, answer/reject calls, and activate voice assistant freely also compatible with Google/Alexa/Siri for the same operations in Mono & Twin Mode.

The Ryte A20 charging case comes with Type-C connector-based smart charging. You can charge the Ryte A20 with your mobile charger, ensuring you don't need an extra USB cable to charge your earbud. The Google Assistant gives access for voice access to the music and information with a simple touch.

The actual price of the Ryte A20 is Rs.2,999, but if you are a Brother-mart customer, you can get it just at Rs.1,499 in Black, Blue and White Colour.

Technical features of Ryte A20 earbuds

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 and above
  • Wireless Range: 10 meter
  • Playtime: 24 hours with Charging case
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hour
  • Charging Interface: Type-C
  • Durability: IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistance
  • Other Features: Voice Assistant, Auto Pairing, Touch Control

5. Alewa BassBuds

Alewa bass buds features and specifications

Start your journey with immersive sound and seamless connectivity with Alewa BassBuds, the image of practicality in wireless audio technology. With Bluetooth 5.3,  Alewa BassBuds effortlessly sync to your device, providing uninterrupted music streaming or crystal-clear calls within a 10-meter range. The convenience of a 6-7 hour battery life for your music sessions and 4-5 hours of talk time ensures your earbuds last through your daily adventures.

Have you ever been in a noisy environment and struggled with call clarity? The Quad Mic technology in these earbuds transforms your calls into crisp conversations, no matter where you are. The ability to customize your sound with EQ Modes - Normal, Balanced, and Bass - adds a practical touch, allowing you to adapt the audio to your surroundings or preferences.

The actual price of Alewa BassBuds is Rs.2,999 but if you are brother-mart customer then you can get at just Rs.1,999 in Black and Gold colour.

Technical features of Alewa BassBuds

  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Operating distance: 10m
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh (charging case) | 40mAh (buds)
  • Battery Life: 6-7 hours (Earbuds) | 4-5 hours (Talktime)
  • Stand-by Time: About 80-100 hours
  • Charging Time: 1-1.5 hours
  • Chipset: Bluetrum AB5636F
  • Microphone: Quad Mic for Crystal Clear Calling ANC+ENC
  • EQ Modes: Normal | Balanced | Bass

6. Asta Wolf Sleek

TWS Bluetooth Earbud available at Brothermart

As its name the Asta Wolf Sleek earbud has a sleek design featuring Bluetooth version 5.3 and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), ensuring a reliable and efficient wireless connection with your devices. With a low latency of 60 milliseconds, the Asta Wolf Sleek earbuds minimize the delay between the audio signal and the audio generated inside the earbud, marking itself as the best earbud in Nepal, perfect for gaming.

The Asta Wolf sleek earbud comes with an IPX4 water resistance level, protecting against splashes and light moisture, making the earbud sleek and suitable for workouts, outdoor activities, and daily use in various environments. The two microphones in the earbud enhance call quality by providing better noise cancellation and a more accurate representation of your voice, which is very important for clear and uninterrupted communication during phone calls. The total 24-hour battery life of earbuds ensures extended use without frequent recharging.

The cost of the Asta Wolf Sleek earbud, as of writing this article is only Rs.1,790 and available in Red, Black, White and Blue colours.

Technical features of AstaWolf Sleek

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3 +EDR
  • Wireless Range: 15 meter, 10mm Driver
  • Latency: 60ms, 32 ohms Impedance
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh (Charging Case) | 35mAh (Earbud)
  • Battery Life: 6 hours (Earbuds) | 24 hours (Charging Case)
  • Charging time: 1 hour (Charging Case) | 30 min (Earbud)
  • Charging port: Type C
  • Water resistant: IPX4, UV coating
  • Number of mics: 2
  • Noise cancellation: Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)
  • Other Features: Movie Mode, Gaming Mode, Fast Charging

7. Ultima Atom 320

Immerse Yourself in Sound with Ultima Earbuds

Enhance your everyday experience with stylish and immersive Ultima Lifestyle Earbuds. The Ultima Atom 320 wireless earbuds provide a 17-hour playtime, a game mode with low 60ms latency, and ENx tech for environmental noise cancellation. The ASAP charging feature, IWP for easy pairing, IPX5 water and sweat resistance, Bluetooth 5.3, and a type-C port make the Ultima Atom 320 more impressive. The 13mm driver delivers powerful and clear sound, while a quick 5-minute charge gives you 75 minutes of playback. Whether you want to concentrate on work, relax after a tiring day, or do a workout, Ultima Atom 320's customised listening experience can elevate your enjoyment.

The actual price of Ultima Atom 320 is Rs.2,899 but you can get it at just Rs.1,999 from Brother-mart and choose in between black and white colours.

Technical Features of Ultima Atom 320

  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Wireless Range: 10m
  • Battery Time: Up to 17 Hours
  • 13mm Drivers
  • IPX5 Water & Sweat Resistance
  • ASAP Charge 5 Mins: 75 mins playtime
  • Game Mode: 50-60MS low latency.
  • Voice Assistance: Long Touch 3 Second
  • Compatibility: Android, IOS and Windows

8. Asta Wolf Era

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds at Affordable Price

Elevate your Audio Experience Today with the best TWS Bluetooth earbuds from Brother-mart. With the AstaWolf ERA Bluetooth V5.1+EDR, Era provides a stable and seamless connection to your devices, allowing a comfortable wireless experience without interruptions or signal drops. You can enjoy detailed sound quality, ensuring an immersive audio experience for music and audio lovers as ERA adapts to your changing lifestyle, providing a seamless audio experience wherever you go.

AstaWolf Era earbud features a 200mAh battery capacity in the charging case and 40mAh in each earbud, which delivers an impressive 20 hours of battery life, ensuring you can use ERA anywhere and everywhere you go. You can stay focused in any environment with the advanced noise cancellation feature using dual microphones to block out external noise, enjoying clear sound for your calls or creative sessions uninterruptedly without disturbance. The ERA earbud has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, making the earbud suitable for workout, and outdoor activities, ensuring that they stand up to the challenges of daily life at just Rs. 1,990 in three colours, Black, Red and Green.

Technical Features of AstaWolf Era

  • Bluetooth version: V5.1+EDR
  • Battery Capacity: 200 mAh (Charging Case) | 40 mAh (Earbud)
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Driver: 10 mm
  • Noise cancellation: Dual Mic Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)
  • Sensitivity: 103 + 3dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Charging port: Type c
  • Water resistant: IPX4

9. QCY T2C wireless earbuds price in Nepal | Brother-mart

The QCY T2C Bluetooth earbuds provide a comfortable fit to your ear. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 gives you a stable connection and fast sound transmission pure and clear. The CVC 6 Noise Reduction Technology lets you enjoy your music undisturbed with a high-quality microphone, ensuring better speech recognition while making a phone call.

The QCY T2C earbuds feature an 800 mAh battery capacity, they are automatically recharged and provide more than 32 hours of music time, letting you enjoy your favourite music without worrying about the battery. The IPX4-rated splash-proof earbuds ensure the earbud doesn't get damaged by sweat or rain during sports activities.

The touch sensor allows you to control the earbud easily. You just need to press once to pause the music or receive the call. A double click on the button of the right ear ensures a track forward, and a double click on the left ear is a trackback.

The actual price of QCY T2C is Rs.2,600 but you can get it at just Rs.1,899 from Brother-mart.

Technical Features of QCY T2C

  • BT version: V5.0
  • Operation range: 10m(with no obstacle)
  • Earbuds Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Case Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Charging time: approx.2hr
  • Standby time: approx.120 hour
  • Playback time: approx. 36 hour
  • BT profiles: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

    10. MyPower MT32c

    TWS Earbuds price in Nepal

    Introducing MT32C bluetooth earbud, with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You may move around freely while maintaining a stable, smooth connection within a 10-meter. With 32 hours of playtime, you can enjoy MT32C all day long. The 300mAh battery case offers handy on-the-go charging.

    The MT32C Bluetooth Ear pods offer a comfortable fit and a deep listening experience and is designed for years of use. MT32C will comfortably stay in place, delivering high-quality audio whether you're working out, traveling, or just chilling. The MT32C Bluetooth Ear pods are the ideal listening companion for any situation.

    Although actual price of MyPower MT32C earbud is Rs.1,799 but if you are Brother-mart customer then you can get it just at Rs.1,499.

    Technical Features of My Power MT32c Earbuds

    • Bluetooth version: 5.0 and above
    • Bluetooth's range: 10 meters
    • Battery capacity: 300 mAh
    • Play time: 32 hours
    • Charging Time: 2 hours
    • Sensor: Touch sensor

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      To conclude, if you're looking for the best earbuds under 2000 in Nepal, Brother-mart is the right place for you. Brother-mart has a bunch of options that are not only affordable but also comfortable to wear with warranty. Whether you love music, want earbuds for workouts, or just casual use, Brother-mart has you covered without costing too much. Brother-mart makes it easy for everyone to enjoy good-quality audio wearables without spending a lot of money.

      So, if you're looking for a budget friendly earbud in Nepal and don't want to regret while making choice on great earbuds, check out Brother-mart in Nepal. Brother-mart have got what you need to enjoy your music without breaking bank or wallet plus you get the assurance of warranty from Brother-mart.

      If you have any questions please feel free to comment down in section below or contact us through our contact page here.

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