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Baltra Prima Pro BIC 122

Baltra Prima Pro BIC 122

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Shop Baltra Prima Pro BIC 122- 6 Cooking Preset Induction Gas | Touch Function Control | Auto Pan Detection | 12-month Warranty


  • Model: BIC 122
  • Type: Digital Display
  • Number of cooking Preset: 6
  • Power: 1600w
Baltra Prime Pro Induction Gas

Features of Baltra Prima Pro 

Touch Function Control: This touch function Digital Gas is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel. Instead of physical knobs or buttons, you can control the functions of the stove by touching the corresponding areas on the control panel.

High Thermal Efficiency: This best electric gas stove is designed to convert a significant amount of the energy it consumes into heat for cooking. High thermal efficiency is beneficial as it ensures effective use of energy and faster cooking times.

6 Cooking Presets: The stove likely comes with pre-set cooking programs for various types of dishes. These presets can simplify the cooking process by automatically adjusting the temperature and cooking time based on the selected preset.

4-digit Digital Display: The presence of a 4-digit digital display means that the stove provides a clear and precise numerical representation of settings such as temperature, timer, or cooking mode. This enhances user control and accuracy.

Overheat Protection: This safety feature ensures that the stove automatically shuts off or reduces heat output if it detects temperatures that could lead to overheating. It helps prevent damage to the appliance and reduces the risk of accidents.

Warm Mode: Warm mode likely refers to a function that keeps the food warm without further cooking. This is useful for maintaining the temperature of prepared dishes until they are ready to be served.

Auto Pan Detection: This feature means that the stove can automatically detect the presence or absence of a cooking pan on the cooking surface. The stove may adjust its operation based on whether a pan is detected, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.

Baltra Prima Pro BIC 122 Induction Gas

Packaging Contains

  • 1 x Digital Induction Gas 
  • 1 x User manual 
  • 1 x Cable 
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