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Baltra 7 Stage Water Purifier 16Ltrs - Bwp 206 Pure and Healthy Product

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Baltra 7 Stage Water Purifier 16Ltrs - Bwp 206 Pure and Healthy Product 

The Most Healthy Water Purifier with 16Ltrs store capacity, the product comes with the best price and easy delivery. The Outcome of the Product is very good and loved by most of the family.


7 Stage 16 Ltr Gravity Water Purifier. FILTER CARTRIDGE- This is the latest, most advance & efficient ever designed. It comes with a multi-stage cartridge that removes impurities such as bacteria, contaminants, heavy metal, etc., and yet, it remains all good minerals and nutrient in the water. The filter provides you with clean and clear water, without any unpleasant odor or taste. Patented with high blends 19 natural raw materials into one product, at high pressure and temperature. CERAMIC FILTER- the ceramic filter is made from a highly compressed ceramic diatomic substance, it has very tiny porous structures of 0.2 microns, less than half the size of bacteria ( 0.5 micron - 1 micron ). This Function is to filter all dirt, sand particles, and bacteria and ensure that your water is free from any bacteria causing harmful diseases such as typhoid, cholera & dysentery. gravity purification5 micron & black carbon carriage maintain essential mineral in water.

Product details of Baltra 7 Stage Water Purifier 16Ltrs - Bwp 206 Pure

  • Gravity purification
  • 5 micron & black carbon cartridge
  • Maintains essential minerals in the water
  • High-quality Food-grade Plastic
  • Non-electrical product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A R Tuladhar
Make quality not so good!

The middle lid cap doesn't fit properly and may cause a problem. It's a plastic filter all over. You need to check the water level in the lower storage jar regularly. Water will be spilled over if you keep adding water at top feeder jar without checking the level of water in the lower collection jar. Filtered water quality seems good with its 6 layer filtering technology including a carbon filter. Overall, only an OK product. You can buy it for this price range.

Pritam Dahal
Best and Healthy

I found pure and healthy water from this, i think this price is also rare in market

saughat Tamang

Best brand as we best product