Baltra Froster Electric Oven (OTG)

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Baltra Froster Electric Oven

Baltra Froster Electric Oven (OTG)

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Baltra Froster Electric Oven (OTG) With Convection - 28L Dual Glass Door, Decorative Knob Thermostatic Control Stainless Steel Handle

Product details 

  • 28L Capacity
  • Dual Glass Door
  • Decorative Knob
  • Rotisserie and Convection Function
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • 60 Min Timer with Ring Bell
  • Variable Heat Selector Switch
  • Chromed Wire Grill with Handle
  • 3-Step Door Closing
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Power: 1600W


Baltra Froster


  • 28L Capacity: The oven has a capacity of 28 liters, which is large enough to cook a variety of dishes and accommodate larger items such as whole chickens or small turkeys.
  • Dual Glass Door: The oven has a dual glass door, which allows you to see the food cooking inside without opening the door and losing heat.
  • Decorative Knob: The oven has a decorative knob that adds an aesthetic touch to the design.
  • Rotisserie and Convection Function: The oven has a rotisserie function, which allows you to cook the meat evenly by rotating it while cooking. It also has a convection function, which circulates hot air around the food for faster and more even cooking.
  • Thermostatic Control: The oven has a thermostatic control, which allows you to set and maintain a specific temperature during cooking, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly and to the desired level of doneness.
  • Stainless Steel Handle: The oven has a stainless steel handle, which is durable and adds a sleek and modern look to the design.
  • 60 Min. Timer with Ring Bell: The oven has a 60-minute timer with a ring bell, which alerts you when your food is finished cooking, so you don't have to constantly check on it.
  • Variable Heat Selector Switch: The oven has a variable heat selector switch, which allows you to adjust the temperature to suit different types of cooking, such as baking, grilling, or roasting.
  • Chromed Wire Grill with Handle: The oven comes with a chromed wire grill with a handle, which is useful for grilling or broiling food and allows you to easily remove the food from the oven.
  • 3-Step Door Closing: The oven has a 3-step door closing mechanism, which ensures that the door is securely closed and prevents heat from escaping.
  • 12 Months Warranty: The oven comes with a 12-month warranty, which provides peace of mind in case of any defects or issues with the oven.
  • Power: 1600W: The oven has a power of 1600W, which allows it to quickly and efficiently heat up and cook food


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