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Baltra Ocean 13 Liter Water Capacity Filter

Baltra Ocean 13 Liter Water Capacity Filter

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  • Brand: Baltra
  • Model: Ocean 
  • Type: Stainless Steel
  • Total Capacity: 13L 
  • Purifying Technology: UV + UF

Features of Baltra Ocean Filter

Food-Grade Stainless Steel: This filtration system is constructed using food-grade stainless steel, ensuring that the materials in contact with water are safe and resistant to corrosion, rust, and contamination.

Ultra-Fine Ceramic Cartridge: The filtration system is equipped with an ultra-fine ceramic cartridge. Ceramic filters are known for their ability to effectively remove impurities, sediment, and particles from water, providing a higher level of filtration compared to traditional filters.

Crystal Clear, Pure Water: This system is designed to produce crystal-clear, pure water. The ultra-fine ceramic cartridge filters out even the smallest particles, resulting in water that is free from visible impurities, sediment, and turbidity.

Safe Mineral Water: While the system effectively removes impurities, it also retains essential minerals present in the water. This ensures that the filtered water is safe for consumption and retains its mineral content, which can be beneficial for health.

No Electricity Required: One of the advantages of this filtration system is that it operates without the need for electricity. This makes it energy-efficient and suitable for use in areas with unreliable power sources or for individuals looking to reduce their electricity consumption.

Water Capacity of 13 Liters: The system has a large water capacity of 13 liters, which means it can hold and filter a significant amount of water before needing to be refilled. This is convenient for households or offices where a constant supply of filtered water is required without frequent refilling.

In the Packaging 

  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card 
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