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Boult Drift 2

Boult Drift 2

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Boult Drift 2 1.85-inch HD Screen, 500 nits Display, Up to 7 Days Battery Life, IP67 Water-resistant, 350+cloud faces, Health and Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth-calling smartwatch in Nepal to stay connected on the go? Look no further than the Boult Drift 2 Bluetooth calling Smartwatch.

Boult Drift 2 HD Display Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch Description

Introducing the Boult Drift 2 smartwatch, your one-stop shop for an active and informed lifestyle. The Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch features a stunning 1.85-inch HD display with an impressive 500 nits of brightness, making it easy to view your stats and notifications even under harsh sunlight. The Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch is built to last up to 7 days with a sturdy metallic frame and a comfortable silicone strap which fulfils statement that the beauty goes beyond the surface.

You can dive deeper into your health with the Boult Drift 2's full range of tracking capabilities. You can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SpO2) throughout the day, and even track your sleep patterns to ensure whether you're getting the rest you deserve or not. Are you feeling stressed? You can now take advantage of the built-in breath training exercises to find your centre. Furthermore, with over 100 sports modes to choose from and 350+ cloud-based watch faces to personalize your look, the Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch becomes your perfect companion for any adventure.

Boult Drift 2 premium design smartwatch at affordable price

Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch Specification


Screen: 1.5 inch HD SCreen

Brightness: 500 nits

Battery Battery Life: Up to 7 Days

Bluetooth version: 5.3

Crown: Working Crown

Health Monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring

SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Activity Blood Pressure

Breath Training

Sleep Monitoring

Sports mode 100+ Sports Mode
Watch Faces 350+ Cloud based watch faces
Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch Price in Nepal


Reason to choose Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch over other smartwatch in Nepal:

You need to consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing a smartwatch. However, if you're looking for a durable, feature-rich smartwatch that excels in activity tracking, and health monitoring, and offers a great battery life, the Boult Drift 2 could be a strong contender. Here are a few more reasons that make you compelled to choose the Boult Smartwatch:

Bright and Clear Display And Design: The Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch features a 1.85-inch HD display with 500 nits of brightness ensuring clear visibility of your stats and notifications, even under harsh sunlight. The built with tough metallic frame and comfortable silicone strap present in Boult Drift 2 can handle the bumps and scrapes of an active life.

Latest Bluetooth Technology: You can experience seamless connectivity with Bluetooth version 5.3. The seamless connectivity feature present in this smartwatch lets you enjoy a clean and clear calling experience wherever you are.

Long Battery Life: Unlike other Smartwatches, the Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch never disappoints you with its long battery life. Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch lets you stay motivated for a full week (up to 7 days) on a single charge, perfect for adventures or long training sessions.

Well-Rounded Health Tracking: The health tracking feature equipped in Boult 2 Smartwatch lets you go beyond basic steps with features like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, and activity blood pressure monitoring. You can gain valuable insights into your sleep quality to optimize your rest and recovery with a sleep-tracking feature. You can also manage stress and find your centre with built-in breath training exercises.

Multiple Sports Modes: The 100+ sports modes equipped in this smartwatch let you track your performance across over 100 different sports modes, making it a versatile training companion. This smartwatch tracks every step you take, whether it is normal walking or running.

Multiple Watch Faces: Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch lets you customize your watch faces however and whatever you want. You can express yourself with a wide variety of over 350+ cloud-based watch faces to choose from.

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Unbox the Boult Drift 2 Smartwatch with the following things:

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