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Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set

Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set

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 The best ethnic Quality product.

Some approx. size measurement 

Medium : If you have size up-to 36 than you can go through size Medium(If product doesn't fit your body than we have easy exchange facility (Normally if the product is Little loose than you can make from nearby tailor

Large:  If you have size up-to 38 than you can go through size Large 

Extra Large :  If you have size up-to 42  than you can go through Extra Large  Large 

XXL : Size up-to 46 can be fit if you choose xxl 

Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set

Why to Buy this traditional Kurti ?

This Traditionally Kurti is highly quality kurti, which is trending in the market . Fashion ate towards the best design and quality the kurti already Loved and appreciate by million of  People all around the World. We are having Exclusive rate Only for few days, we are direct importer of the product from the genuine Company from India, We take full responsibility of the Quality and Price  

Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set

Talking  about  important features about the Product quality 

 Occasion that suit the Product for all the women : The product is Loved by most of the women for the party wears and important events like wedding ceremony ,Cultural function and different events.


All over the world Indian dresses are loved by all women teenagers and think very traditional and stereotypical, they feel that the Indian  outfits works only for Hindu Occasions or traditional situations, but the truth is that this attires are a lot more versatile than any other outfit in the world, even the saree is being reimagined in the forms it is being used and the manner in which it is being draped 

When you visit brother-mart online website, you can discover a world that is nothing short of magical dresses, there is something for literally everyone, no matter your age group, no matter what your color preferences, no matter what kind of fabric you are looking for, we are pretty sure that we have something to excite you, every time with our beautiful dresses, even our name given brother we care for all our sister from our largest collection of ethnic wear for women and we are able to offer exclusive and exquisite choices to our esteemed clientele because we constantly have a finger on the pulse of the modern shopper. We Know that the modern Nepali women does not have time to focus over clothes but yet they wants to be looking her elegant and stylish, beautiful every time she steps out for Cultural program, jobs and other rituals  

You can browse through our collections and you will see that there are options to build an entire wardrobe. You just have a keen eye and a willingness to interpret fashion in your own way. Just with our collection of Kurti and Lehenga ( , you can have a Look for almost every occasion and what is great about these is that you can pair them with so many bottom wear options too 


Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set

Customer Facing the Problem and recommendation from

1. Cost

The cost of stylish and designer Kurtis  starts from Rs1500  to Rs5000. Besides the cost of the Kurtis . Except being expensive most of today's generation are being fashionable so some of them who wear Kurtis  almost every day find it’s much cheap, We are Direct importer so we are providing Wholesale Rate for the Product 

 Kurtis Pure Cotton Light Blue New Printed Festivals Trending Kurti Set



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    जति तपाइलाई आफ्नो हातमा समान लिन हतारो छ तेती नै हामीलाई नि तपाइको समान छिटो भन्दा छिटो पुराउने जिम्मेवारी अनुभूति भएको छ |

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What is the warranty of the Product?

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Why Buy From Brother-mart? नेपालमा सन् २०१६ देखि सञ्चालनमा रहेको इ-कमर्स कम्पनी हो। नेपालभरका ग्राहकहरूले हामीलाई बिश्वाश गर्दै आउनु भएको छ। र हामीले यो बिश्वाश लाई पूर्ण इमान्दारी पुर्वोक निर्वाह गर्दै आएका छौ र आगामी दिन हरुमा पनि गर्ने छौ भन्ने हामीलाई पुरा बिश्वाश छ।

ढुवानी र वितरण?

नेपालको प्रमुख सहर हरुमा Brother-mart ले ढुवानी दिने छ, हामीलाई पुर्व झापा देखि पश्चिम महाकाली सम्म को ग्राहकहरुले बिश्वाश गर्नु भएको छ

तपाइको बारे थप जानकारी चाहानु हुन्छ भने कृपया हामीलाई यो ९८०१८७७८५६ नम्बर मा सम्पर्क गर्नु होला, धन्यवाद

यस समानको बारेमा थप प्रश्नहरू छन्?

यो समान को बारेमा थप जिज्ञासा वा सवाल छ भने कृपया ९८०१८७७८५६ मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ , हामी Viber/Whatsapp/NTC/NCELL मा उपलब्ध हुन्छौ | तपाईहरुले इमेल मार्फत पनि जानकारी लिन सक्नु हुनेछ इमेल गर्ने ठेगाना