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QCY T1C Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Wireless 3D Stereo TWS Headphones

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QCY T1C Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Wireless 3D Stereo TWS Headphones with Dual Microphones Headset HD Call Earbuds Customizing APP


1. Breathtaking Wireless Sound

With ENC technology, the other party can hear your call clear as well. HD Stereo Sound, AAC/SBC HD audio codecs, various modes fitting different needs. enjoy calls, video and audio entertainment, and games.

2. Minimalist design with no lid

Easy to pick up/push back

3. Pairing pop-up window

Smart fast One step to connect ,easy control

4. Master-slave Switch

Mono/stereo mode available, Thanks to seamless master-slave switch, pick up both earbuds to play in stereo mode while push back either to enter mono mode. Furthermore, you can use mono mode with different device which makes you have two independent earbuds in fact.

5. Up to 20hr battery life

Powerful for your outdoor life.

QCY T1C Bluetooth

6. Lightweight and portable, comfortable to wear

Ergonomic earbuds fit your ear channels for a long-listen comfort.

7. IPX4 Waterproof

Either for workouts in gym or outdoor sport, music just keeps playing on.

8. Tri-hold structure

We offer three options of ear tips for your best wearing.

QCY T1C Bluetooth

9. Customizable Controls via Smart App

The exclusive app where QCY lavishes allows you to customize control, switch language and choose music mode. It’s time to build your own earbuds. More functions stay there for you to explore!

10. A Helpful Pal

Triple press MFB to wake up voice assistant for message, navigation and to be your private DJ. Xiao Ai Siri Alexa. Take me to Call .What’s the weather today? No Worry About Weather

11. One Tap to Find Phone, Drop Warning.

12. Low Price and High Quality

It is a high-performance all-round TWS true wireless Bluetooth earphone.

QCY T1C Bluetooth

Gaming and Streaming Never Stop

Up to 20hr Battery Life

380mAh carry case offers extra 4 top-ups that extends the total battery life to 20 hours. The beats are always there with you.

300 tracks

10 films

20hr gaming

* All the above data are measured by Hele Electronic Lab at 50% volume yet
practical data may vary according to specific situation.


हाम्रो स्टोर मा भएका प्राय समान को ६ महिना देखि २ वर्षको वारेन्टी हुन्छ| थप जानकारी को लागि ९८०१८७७८५६ मा सम्पर्क गर्नु होला Viber/Whatsapp/NTC/NCELL

किन हामी बाटै किन्ने? नेपालमा सन् २०१६ देखि सञ्चालनमा रहेको इ-कमर्स कम्पनी हो। नेपालभरका ग्राहकहरूले हामीलाई बिश्वाश गर्दै आउनु भएको छ। र हामीले यो बिश्वाश लाई पूर्ण इमान्दारी पुर्वोक निर्वाह गर्दै आएका छौ र आगामी दिन हरुमा पनि गर्ने छौ भन्ने हामीलाई पुरा बिश्वाश छ।

ढुवानी र वितरण

नेपालको प्रमुख सहर हरुमा Brother-mart ले ढुवानी दिने छ, हामीलाई पुर्व झापा देखि पश्चिम महाकाली सम्म को ग्राहकहरुले बिश्वाश गर्नु भएको छ

तपाइको बारे थप जानकारी चाहानु हुन्छ भने कृपया हामीलाई यो ९८०१८७७८५६ नम्बर मा सम्पर्क गर्नु होला, धन्यवाद

यस समानको बारेमा थप प्रश्नहरू छन्?

यो समान को बारेमा थप जिज्ञासा वा सवाल छ भने कृपया ९८०१८७७८५६ मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ , हामी Viber/Whatsapp/NTC/NCELL मा उपलब्ध हुन्छौ | तपाईहरुले इमेल मार्फत पनि जानकारी लिन सक्नु हुनेछ इमेल गर्ने ठेगाना

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Anjan Bhattrai

The best part is battery which is very good and sound average