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Do this if you want to make money online in Nepal

Because of Internet, nowadays there are hundred of ways people can make money online in Nepal and in this blog post we will share one of the exact way where you can make money online. One thing is for sure, you don't need to be computer science or programming expert. A simple formula can make you tons of money in this internet world.

I believe you have already heard that people from YouTube, Blogger, TikTokers, Instagram influencers are making tons of money. One example is Mr. Beast where he recently earned more than $1million from just one video that he posted on his X (Formerly Twitter) account. His daily estimated earning is $224,000.

So, let's move to the topic. How you too can make money from Nepal in this internet era? The simple one word answer is providing value, so how you provide value? You can provide value to internet audience through content. What is content? Content can be of anything, from informational video of gadgets, some comedy, some can be about sports, or can be about music lessons like guitar, piano, it can be creative writing on useful topic through your websites etc. 

You create a content and provide value to your online audience, more audience watches your video on Instagram, X, YouTube, Facebook more money will be given to you from these channels. Next is, once your audience starts growing then brands like Brother-mart, Hulas, Dabur, Banks, Goldstar etc may come to you to post their brand banner, images on your content or ask you to speak about their brand in between your content, from that too you make money [Endorsing other brands in your content]. Now the real money is made through affiliate marketing. I have made how you can make money through affiliate marketing in this article. You can go and read that too. 

When you start having millions or even thousands of views or traffic in your content, you simply signup for affiliate program and start putting affiliate link on your contents, more people go and buy through your affiliate link more you make money, depending on the commission structures of the program or products. For Example: If your videos is watched 10,000 times and 100 people buys from your affiliate link the commission for you would be around [Number of product sold X commission of the product] for instance 100 product sold with Rs 100 commission, that means you earned Rs.10,000 just from affiliate commissions, all other brand endorsement and ads revenue is not included in this earning. 

So to conclude, the game here is to provide valuable content to your online audience, bring more traffic, views and engagement to your content. If you know and learn these skills, you are all set to earn enough money in this digital age. You will be happy like those people who have earned enough money from TikTok, YouTube and more. 

Let us know in the comment section if you liked this content or have any other questions in mind. We would be happy to help you and make money in this internet world. 

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